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  1. whatwasithinking75

    2017 HEDIS anyone?

    Hey rn2413! I did accept the position. I'm so happy I did. It's been very lucrative! Will you be doing the PIA project?
  2. whatwasithinking75

    New LPN resume

    Would you suggest putting clinical experience and facilities on a resume in addition to past cna experience?
  3. whatwasithinking75

    NJ to PA lpn by endorsement hour requirement not met

    Nothing? Anyone?
  4. whatwasithinking75

    Family Feud: What would a nurse want to do to a hot male patient

    Give rectal cracked me up Just a head to toe assessment for me
  5. whatwasithinking75

    New nurse. What do I need?

    Pen light, note pad, and invest in some compression socks! Hmmm what nursing related gift would I want; Good shoes for me it's dansko work wonders. I asked for a fit bit this year. It's not nurse related but I'm curious to see how many steps and calories I'll burn while working :)
  6. Hello, Im an LPN and went to school in New Jersey. I applied for an LPN by endorsement to PA and got a temp permit to work. My transcripts aren't in hours they are listed as "220 days." PA said in order for endorsement I need to have completed at least 1500 hours. I spoke to the director of the program I attended and she said we completed 1320 hours. I have an interview at a large city hospital this week and found out the hour issue today. My question is - Does any one know how I can complete the remainder of the hours? Does it need to be in a classroom/learning setting or can paid work count? I am sure that onceI receive a letter from the PA board of nursing that my questions will be answered but I'm so anxious. I have been looking for work for 4 months and my last ditch effort was an our of state endorsement.... and a HUGE city hospital wants to interview me for a full time dream position :( I am going to call the manager and tell them my situation tomorrow.... I am legally able to work as an LPN in PA under my temp licensed for a year. Hopefully worked hours count? Not sure how I'm going to gather up 180 hours in a non paid classroom/clinical
  7. whatwasithinking75

    2017 HEDIS anyone?

    Best of luck in your search!
  8. whatwasithinking75

    Dear Nursing Student with ADD what study strategies help w/memory ?

    I graduated in July from a PN program. I have ADHD and choose not to take medication for it because it turns me into a zombie and I am a lot better off without it. I am a visual learner. However, out side of labs and clinical everything was on paper. Reading my lectures or chapters just didn't cut it for me. So I would re- write important areas from my lectures and text book using different colored inks. Flashcards did the trick too. Memorize Memorize Memorize and if you need more time practicing skills as your instructors to allow you more time in the lab to practice or do it at home even if you don't have the supplies.
  9. whatwasithinking75

    2017 HEDIS anyone?

    Hello everyone, Altegra which used to be Outcomes INC. Just offered me a remote review position at 4.00-8.00 per chart. This seems super low compared to other hourly wages others have reported. Does anyone have experience with this company? Were there a lot of charts in the remote data base? I'd have to do 60-80 a day to make it worth it. I used to work for Medassurant which is now Inovalon before I became a nurse and they told me to call them at the end of January for opportunities. Does any one know if they offer remote positions rather then telecommute? Another thing I don't care is the fact that I have to use my own equipment with Altegra. I'm a mac user so I would have to purchase a windows operating system.
  10. whatwasithinking75

    What will it take to get a job as a new LPN?

    ONE day orientation?!?!
  11. whatwasithinking75

    What will it take to get a job as a new LPN?

    It's awful.. sigh
  12. whatwasithinking75

    What will it take to get a job as a new LPN?

  13. whatwasithinking75

    HELP! Threats to call BON!

    Record him while he is making threats.. Make sure to respond in a way that he explains why he would do such a thing like : " I never got to work or clinicals impaired why would you make up such a thing?" If you have personal malpractice insurance call their attorney for advice. Makes me sick that people can hang" call the BON " over our heads. In my state a report is usually only taken seriously and investigated from a co worker or patient. You said he works at your facility so.. I'd cover your butt sorty you're going through this
  14. whatwasithinking75

    Did you choose nursing because it was your "calling"?

    I've always worked in a healthcare setting whether it be the administrative / records side or bed side ( cna .) I'm currently looking for my first nursing position as a new grad. Truthfully patient care and caring for others in any capacity has been the only thing I have excelled at. I believe it is a calling for me at least... Even though at times it can be overwhelming and a lot of the times it's easy to care more for others and forget to care for yourself.. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm confident I made the right decision... I have ALOT of learning to do.... but being a care giver whether it's an aide, nurse, provider etc. is a privilege.
  15. whatwasithinking75

    Current lpn pay ???

    Where in NJ? I'm in South and haven't seen those rates!