NJ to PA lpn by endorsement hour requirement not met



Im an LPN and went to school in New Jersey. I applied for an LPN by endorsement to PA and got a temp permit to work.

My transcripts aren't in hours they are listed as "220 days." PA said in order for endorsement I need to have completed at least 1500 hours. I spoke to the director of the program I attended and she said we completed 1320 hours.

I have an interview at a large city hospital this week and found out the hour issue today. My question is - Does any one know how I can complete the remainder of the hours? Does it need to be in a classroom/learning setting or can paid work count?

I am sure that onceI receive a letter from the PA board of nursing that my questions will be answered but I'm so anxious. I have been looking for work for 4 months and my last ditch effort was an our of state endorsement.... and a HUGE city hospital wants to interview me for a full time dream position :( :( I am going to call the manager and tell them my situation tomorrow.... I am legally able to work as an LPN in PA under my temp licensed for a year. Hopefully worked hours count?

Not sure how I'm going to gather up 180 hours in a non paid classroom/clinical