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I still haven't heard a thing :( When you called, who did you call? I've tried the office three times and no one will pick up. Should I try Mona Lisa?


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I haven't heard back from the school. I figure if we're all in the same boat it's probably okay.

@Messiejartin yeah I would try to call her. Good luck!


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Hi everyone, my name is Aaron and I will be attending the CSULB nursing program for Fall 2018. I am looking for a roommate/roommates so if anyone is interested or knows of any openings please let me know!

I was wondering about the cutoff ... Your stats is really good :(

I got the denial letter :(. Congratulations to those who got accepted.

I was wondering about the cutoff ... Your stats is really good :(


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Um, seeing that none of us received that e-mail that monalisa said she would send on may 1st, is there something that we're supposed to be doing before the orientation? I'm just asking because I feel a little nervous.


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The acceptance email I received on Monday said that we will be receiving further instructions on may 11th. Maybe the date has been pushed back??


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She changed it to the 11th? I see how it is. lol


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For those who were waitlisted to the school, have you guys received any emails from the school saying were admitted to the school?

Mine still says I'm waitlisted...

SON did say I'm no longer waitlisted and I just need to wait but enrollment services is saying I still am waitlisted


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I was originally waitlisted, and have not received any communications from the school since the acceptance email from the SON. Enrollment services still states that I am on the admissions waitlist, so I'm pretty much in the same boat. Not sure if I have to put a deposit down, or what the next step is. I think i'll wait until the May 11th email.

kmbxo, BSN, RN

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i went snooping around on the long beach website, here you guys go New Student Information and Documentation

kmbxo, BSN, RN

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is anyone going to SOAR on July 27th? I know most of you guys are probably going the week before but Ill be in vietnam so i cant attend those :/

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