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Hi all! I wanted to start a thread for folks who are applying to CSULB starting Fall 2018. I would love to hear other applicants!

Hi there! I will be applying for Fall 2018 as a transfer. Currently finishing up my Micro and Physio this Fall and preparing for TEAS. Are you a CSULB student or a transfer as well? Fall application tend to be more competitive though D: so hopefully i make the cut.

Same here! I'm finishing Micro and taking the TEAS in December. I am a transfer student and seeking a second degree. How about you?

Where are you guys taking your TEAS?

Same! I'm transferring from a CC & finishing up Physiology this semester. Unfortunately I'm getting major transferitis & I'm starting to slack a bit sigh :sleep: I'm also planning to retake the TEAS in January at CSULB to get a higher score.

Hello everyone!

I'm applying to CSULB as an undergrad transfer student from the Bay Area. I just finished Micro (my last pre req) this fall term and I'm taking my TEAS this Saturday, December 16!

Good luck everyone! :)

Hey guys! I'm applying for the Fall semester as well. Currently finishing my last pre-req (physiology) and planning on taking the TEAS again in January to raise my score more.

Could someone please help me out with calculating my score? Of the 4 pre-reqs I got 3 A's and 1 B (89.7 ugh). I'm thinking this puts my science pre-req at 3.75 (1+1+1+0.75) but can someone confirm? :)

I ended up taking my TEAS! I hope I'm adding up the points correctly:

- 4.0 prereq science = 4 pts

- 3.9 general prereq = 1.95 pts

- 92% TEAS = 1.84 pts

- 87.2% TEAS reading = 1.74 pts

I think I should get 9.53 points. Is anyone sure about calculating points and can help me?

Does anyone know if CSULB counts pluses and minuses when calculating GPA for the application?

Hello everyone..I am applying for fall :) taking my TEAS on Tuesday and I am so nervous! Is the reading section hard?

Probably not going to get accepted since I couldn't for the life of me raise up my TEAS score. But i'm going to apply anyways yolo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- 3.74 GPA Science prerequisites: 3.74 points

- 3.71 GPA General prerequisites: 1.86 points

- 82% TEAS: 1.64 points

- 89.4% Reading: 1.79 points

Total: 9.03 points

@Annie how many times did you take it?

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