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There have been a lot of diet discussions recently on the board - Here in Australia - the CSIRO - stands for the Commonwealth scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

They have recently developed and released and well balanced diet that has received a lot of publicity here.

I have put in part of a Media release and some web sites that will take you to the CSIRO website - Would be interested in peoples opinion


The high protein advantage over metabolic syndrome

A new Australian study released by CSIRO today reveals the weight loss benefits of a high protein, low fat diet for those predisposed to metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome - also known as Insulin Resistance Syndrome, Syndrome X, the disease of the new millennium - is a topical issue because of growing alarm caused by the obesity epidemic and rise of diabetes worldwide.

Moreover, it is a threat because over half of Australians are at risk of developing the disorder.

Characterised by a cocktail of factors including abdominal fat, high triglycerides, low levels of HDL cholesterol, high insulin, high blood glucose and high blood pressure, the combination increases a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Those predisposed to metabolic syndrome can prevent its development by managing their risk profile with weight loss, healthy eating and exercise.

Designed and managed by CSIRO, the controlled study compared the effectiveness of two different dietary programs - high protein / low fat versus high carbohydrate / low fat - with 100 overweight and obese women over a 12-week period.

The research study assessed the effectiveness of both diets in the amount of body weight lost and body composition in all participants. In addition, the impact of these diets on nutrient status and bone turnover markers, measures of heart disease and diabetes risk, were also monitored.

The results, released today, show that overweight women with high triglycerides - one of the key markers of metabolic syndrome - lost 25% more weight on a high protein, low fat diet than a high carbohydrate, low fat diet.

Moreover, much of this extra weight loss was in the abdominal area, which is crucial to improving their metabolic syndrome risk profile.

Importantly the actual body fat loss over the 12-week period significantly differed when comparing the two diets - a loss of 6kg in the high protein group as opposed to 3kg in the high carbohydrate group.


The overall weight loss in the high protein group was 8kg compared to only a 6kg loss in the high carbohydrate group, with the amount of weight lost specifically from the midriff area twice as high on the high protein diet (1kg vs 500g).

In all the women, weight loss also helped to improve their risk profile in terms of lowering LDL cholesterol, lowering their triglycerides and reducing insulin and glucose. The effects of diet type was more apparent in the women with high triglycerides as the high protein diet lowered their triglycerides significantly by 28% compared to only a 10% fall in the high carbohydrate group.

The study also indicated that, as well as helping weight loss in the long run, the high protein, low fat diet helps to stabilise glucose and insulin production which may help to control hunger.

"At CSIRO we're excited by these findings that demonstrate in a scientific manner that the high protein, low fat approach to weight loss certainly offers an edge to conventional diets," she says.

The high protein, low fat diet is an effective and perfectly valid and safe weight loss alternative - especially for women with high triglycerides," she says.

This is the website that will take you to the information page


This is a 16 page booklet developed for people as a diet program (I think)

Would be interested in your thoughts

Cheers Tookie


Looks interesting. Is there a printable version?

Sounds like the Atkins diet. With so much emphasis on protein I wonder about effects on the kidneys over time

It is a high protein diet but with many more complex carbohydrates included. The Austrailian group is going to have to

dechpher some stuff though:





Rasher? of lean bacon


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Does look interesting. The difference I notice between that and Atkins is the emphasis on low fat. Atkins dieters eat upwards of 100 gms of fat a day.

Insulin control seems to be the buzzword for the new millenium. Which seems to be accomplished by higher protein and lower refined carbs. With such an epidemic of adult onset DM, it's worth looking into.

Your're right 3rd, the fat is toned down alot too.

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Originally posted by Shamrock

It is a high protein diet but with many more complex carbohydrates included. The Australian group is going to have to

decipher some stuff though:





Rasher? of lean bacon


Weetbix = breakfast cereal made by sanitarium ( or is that Vita Brits) anyway they are small "bricks" of compressed flakes high in fibre and low in sugar - sounds awful tastes nice esp with sliced banana

Sultanas - dried white grapes

Vegemite black tar like substance made from vegetable extract eaten by Australians who are watched in turn with horrified fascination by anyone from overseas. No-one not brought up here an believe we not only eat the stuff - we LOVE it:chuckle:

Ryvita = crisp bread - large rectangular cracker with LOTS of fibre

Kilojoules = we went to decimalization and Kilojoules is the international measure here is a link


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Sounds like Weeta-Bix is what we call Shredded Wheat.

This plan is very much like the South Beach Diet. They are similar to Atkins in that they are higher protein, but they are low fat, especially low saturated fat. And there are a lot more vegetable varieties.

Also on SBD after the first two weeks of the jump start, you gradually adding fruits and whole grains.

Thanks gwen. Vegemite sounds interesting. Does it turn your

teeth black?? Does it taste like chicken? Is it expensive?

What's it made out of again?

I see 1 calorie = 4.1 kilojou.


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Thank you Gwenith - didnt think of the food differences -

BTW l think that you can get Vegemite in the states - think you can get it on ebay - or somewhere - cause l know some one discussed it last year

BTW - it is an accquired taste - I am sure there must be an equilvalant for you - but then l would say live dangerously and taste it !!



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I remember the song referring to the vegemite sandwich and always wondered...thanks Tookie. :)

This diet resembles The Zone diet too...sounds good. :)

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I think in specialty markets you can find vegemite, but it's not very common. Most Americans hate it that have tried it. I've been meaning to try it for years. They say spread it very very thin because it's very strong.

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