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Hello just wanted to know what to tell people esp other nurses when they complain and critsize me about my career choice which is private duty peds? I went to my old school and everyone. Was talking about what they do and how much they get paid. When I stated what I do some people rolled their eyes ,some said you're not working as a nurse, and others said you went to school to become that? I really love it and feel its my calling within the profession and I am going to do this tii I retire I also have to work 2 full time. Jobs b.c the pay isn't great but am happy. I don't think its really that hard to find jobs in private duty because not many new grads and nurses gravitate toward it. Has anyone else made a career choice out of private duty?


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Excuse me I'm not familiar with the abbreviation of that job:confused::confused::confused:

can u explain it more


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Private duty nursing which is doing shift work in the clients home. There is only one client during the whole shift and they can have trachs,vents gt,ivss,piccs, colostomies,koch pouches,etc and it adults or children. I work through agencies

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If you love what you do than let them talk!


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If that is what you love, and you enjoy your job, then continue it and don't worry what others have to say!



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That sounds like very rewarding work to me. There is always going to be someone who is critical of a person's job, whatever it is. If you like your job, be happy because there are a lot of people who hate what they do.

Don't get drawn in to the discussions about pay either. I can never understand why people think it's ok to talk about money, it's a subject I'm never comfortable with and a lot of people use that to feel higher up on the food chain or whatever. That's their problem!

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For many people, job satisfaction ranks above money. Some of those bringing home the biggest paychecks have the headaches and ulcers and stressed-out lives that often accompany the big bucks.

If you are happy with your situation, why does anyone else's opinion matter? Any time another person feels called upon to make negative comments about your kind of nursing, you can respond by saying, "You know, I'm really glad my job is so misunderstood. That way, I don't have to worry about other people discovering what a great opportunity it is and becoming my competition."

I''m sure the families you care for (the whole family is your "patient") appreciate what you do.


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i wanted to reply to your post, smartnurse, but rn/writer really said it best!

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You deserve kudos, not criticism. :yeah:

Bless you for the work you do.




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Everyone has a special calling and it sounds like you have found yours. I'm sure private duty nursing is as challenging (if not more) as other nursing. You are on your own in the patients' homes with no back-up if something serious develops. Keep doing what you love. I know your patients and their families are very appreciative of what you do.

I can't imagine why anyone else would criticize your career choice and say that it isn't really nursing. What do they think nursing is all about anyway?

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I do private duty too and love it. I was interested in home care since school. We have many employees doing this for 25+ years in my company!

People have nerve to question your choices. Just let it roll off your back and be happy in your job.


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There will always be plenty of people with criticism. When I went back to get my master's to become a nurse educator, I had so many people tell me that I wouldn't be a "real nurse" if I did that. As someone who still works 12 hours per week on the floor in addition to spending around 20 hours a week prepping lectures, and works full time every summer, I beg to differ.

I passed licensure exams and am every bit a nurse. I chalk up any pettiness to personal unhappiness with their own station in life. If you are genuinely happy, you don't need to belittle others. I am responsible for my own happiness. No one else can change that.

There is an old saying "Someone can spit on you, and it will make you wet but it doesn't have to make you mad!" The saying makes me laugh, but it's true. We choose our responses. I don't care for the opinion of anyone who isn't someone I love and trust, or someone who pays my bills. Just put them on ignore mode.

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