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Critical students


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Hello everyone! I hope you and your families are doing well. I know we have tons of questions for everyone especially those in higher authorities but I wanted to get your opinion on matters we face at school already along with COVID19 in the mix.

I have some students who have multiple underlying health issues. They are pretty critical and I am concerned for their health. Do you think it is best for me to mention to the parent and IEP staff of possibly making these students homebound due to the unforeseeable future due to this pandemic? I am concerned for the student and also the liability. If the student comes to school contracts COVID19, becomes very ill and something happens the parent/guardian would come back at the school. Especially the nurse (I would think). What do you think?

I think that’s up to the physician managing the patient.

beachynurse, ASN, BSN

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I don't see how it can come back to the school if the student gets sick. Unless there is a widespread epidemic and no one is notified which I can hardly see happening, I think it would be up to the MD to decide if the student is to fragile to come to school because of a "potential" illness.That probably won't be approved by our homebound office.

NutmeggeRN, BSN

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Agree with the above, need to tread lightly, especially if they are receiving services from SpEd. No matter how well intended, it might not be received well by the parents. Scary times for all of us!!

ruby_jane, BSN, RN

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I imagine my documentation will look something like this: parent verbalized understanding of current issues with COVID and has been advised that their student may be high risk for this and other conditions and has declined homebound services offered at this time.

Similar to what I do when a parent documents an active health condition and doesn't provide medication or signs a vaccine exemption form....all that's documented in the EHR with a date and time.


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ruby jane - would it be helpful if you had 2 persons avail for such a discussion so that a witness could be identified for charting purposes?

That way there'd be less chance of someone saying "nobody told me ...".