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  1. Purple036

    Phone Calls

    Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I had a question for you all in regards to phone calls. Do you call your parents/guardians about your students if they were injured at school? Such as a bloody lip, bump on the head, intentionally injured by another student, etc?
  2. Purple036

    CE class for school nursing

    Thank you so much for the information.
  3. Purple036

    CE class for school nursing

    Hello everyone. Happy Hump Day! We are almost to Friday! Anyways I had a question in regards to CE courses. Are there any CE courses for school nurses you are aware of? I reside and have my license in texas. Thank you all in advance for your responses. Have a great day!
  4. Purple036

    Diagnosis Anxiety and Autism

    The excuse was in regards to the student being absent the day before due to illness. Included on the doctors excuse was the diagnosis
  5. Purple036

    Diagnosis Anxiety and Autism

    Assistance on test, extra time on test and time spent with interventionist due students diagnosis of autism. At this time student is not taking medication or seeing a counselor due to anxiety.
  6. Purple036

    Diagnosis Anxiety and Autism

    Doctors excuse c diagnosis of anxiety and autism per NP. Is this acceptable? Should the student seek professional (psychologist) diagnosis/treatment? Diagnosis has been accepted by the school and is listed as 504. Should I request a psychological report on this student?