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  1. Purple036

    Critical students

    Hello everyone! I hope you and your families are doing well. I know we have tons of questions for everyone especially those in higher authorities but I wanted to get your opinion on matters we face at school already along with COVID19 in the mix. I have some students who have multiple underlying health issues. They are pretty critical and I am concerned for their health. Do you think it is best for me to mention to the parent and IEP staff of possibly making these students homebound due to the unforeseeable future due to this pandemic? I am concerned for the student and also the liability. If the student comes to school contracts COVID19, becomes very ill and something happens the parent/guardian would come back at the school. Especially the nurse (I would think). What do you think?
  2. Purple036

    Vaccinations are ALREADY a problem with some...

    I do hope it opens their minds to vaccinating their children especially for COVID 19 when it becomes available but I am sure it will not be mandatory for school entry.
  3. Purple036

    Happy School Nurse's Day!

    happy school nurse day! you are all amazing and wish the best in all your careers. I want to thank you all for what who have done and continue to do for our schools. I also want to thank all nurses in every occupation for your dedication and hardwork. God bless all and take care.
  4. Purple036

    "Can you do something about this?"

    OMG we are in the same position. This is my second year as well. At first I was like you trying to help and be a team player but quickly I found out it's just to walk all over you. I am trying to be more strict and reinforce with student, staff and parents. (I am a people pleasure). I definitely would write your unnecessary events and reinforce what SaltQueen noted.
  5. Purple036

    OTC meds for Staff

    I do the same thing
  6. Purple036

    Gave an EPI pen for first time in years

    awesome job!😁
  7. Purple036

    Chronic Head Lice

    Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well. I have a question in regards to a student. They are being sent home often for head lice. The mother states verbally to me when the student has a f/u she has treated the student and I can see they are clear (nits still present, no live lice-able to return per policy). I am strongly leaning to reporting. Do I have enough reasoning to do so? Thanks for your advice I appreciate you all.
  8. Purple036

    Really not appreciating the attitude today

    Amen! I have done so too, reinforcing nurse passes. I have sent kids to back to class to get one and come to find out no one sent them. This has helped me alot especially with documentation. I also sent out another email today to remind my staff of my lunch break. 3rd day in a row with no lunch. 😡
  9. Purple036

    sending sick children home

    When I send a student home I call the parent/guardian inform them of the student reasoning for being sent home (vomiting, diarrhea or temperature). I inform them of the health policy over the phone. When the parent or guardian picks up the student I inform them again via person verbally and written with the reason the student was sent home and our health policy. Then of course I document. I
  10. Purple036

    How do you deal with 5th disease and rashes at your school?

    Our policy is the same per Texas Health Department. No exclusion unless with fever.
  11. Purple036

    Used my scary nurse voice

    Kuddos to you. Love the staplethumb. I hope you have a wonderful and well deserved break. Again thanks for doing a awesome job as a amazing school nurse.
  12. Purple036

    Christmas Break

    3 1/2 days left for us! OMG I have been waiting since Thanksgiving break for this. (So sad to say.) I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. See you all next year!
  13. Purple036

    Thank you

    Good morning everyone! I just wanted to tell you all thank you. Thank you all for being able to share your opinions, experiences, stories and knowledge with me and everyone else. I appreciate you all. You are a great asset to the school you are in and please continue to do your amazing work. I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful/safe school year. Take care of yourselves. God bless you all!
  14. Purple036

    Head lice

    We have letters we send out in our district. The letter is a Notice of Head Lice. The letter notifies parents of 1 or more students in the class with head lice. It lets them know how to going about checking and treating students if found with head lice. Along with the letter are the Texas State Health Department and CDC guidelines for lice in schools. Last week I had 2 students in one class with head lice, due to this I sent the letters home to all of the students in class and did a classroom head check. I also informed my principal just in case parents call complaining. The students sent home for lice (district policy) are then brought back into clinic with a parent and I do a follow up head check to approve if they may return to class.
  15. Purple036

    Do You Remember...

    Teachers are to blame for this as well. They send them down for every little thing too especially for supplies I gave them at the first of the year. When I have the time to call or see them I ask: me: "Do you still have plenty of supplies in your first aid kit I gave you the beginning of the year?" teacher: "Yes." me: "Oh ok well bc you sent a kid down for a band-aid and they are in the first aid box and assorted sizes as well." teacher: "Oh, I forgot." *laughs* Really?!?! I guess I will forget to send a letter home about little dudes ADD/ADHD medication being out. *internally says and laughs*
  16. Purple036

    Take Away Envelope/Containers

    https://deterrasystem.com/ We use these bags for our district. We have to count the medication with a witness, document, dispose and send to the health supervisor. They are really cool bags.

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