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  1. Purple036

    Thank you

    Good morning everyone! I just wanted to tell you all thank you. Thank you all for being able to share your opinions, experiences, stories and knowledge with me and everyone else. I appreciate you all. You are a great asset to the school you are in and please continue to do your amazing work. I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful/safe school year. Take care of yourselves. God bless you all!
  2. Purple036

    Why so long

    Call and document. After 45 to an hour a student is in clinic I am to notify my AP and they are to contact a resource officer to drive out to the home. Most of the time the parent is home and then is angry at us. When the parent comes in we ask for updated contact list and phone numbers.
  3. Purple036

    How many?

    500 students 75 staff 1 nurse NO AIDE
  4. Purple036

    Recess/Gym Restrictions - Where do your students go?

    My students will either sit out at PE and extracurricular items will be given to the student or extra "specials" (music, maker space, STREAM lab or library) will be given to the student to participate in.
  5. Purple036

    Head lice

    We have letters we send out in our district. The letter is a Notice of Head Lice. The letter notifies parents of 1 or more students in the class with head lice. It lets them know how to going about checking and treating students if found with head lice. Along with the letter are the Texas State Health Department and CDC guidelines for lice in schools. Last week I had 2 students in one class with head lice, due to this I sent the letters home to all of the students in class and did a classroom head check. I also informed my principal just in case parents call complaining. The students sent home for lice (district policy) are then brought back into clinic with a parent and I do a follow up head check to approve if they may return to class.
  6. Purple036

    In Need of Some Advice Please

    I am a school nurse in Texas. I feel the same way when it comes to my nursing skills as well. I am also LVN so i definitely get paid less, less than the teachers. In regards to your job or program, I would stay in the job at this time. Like you said he is your everything. I do not have kids but I would definitely choose the job that would work around your family. I hope and pray for you the opportunity arises again when your son is older so you may pursue your nursing career in another field, if you wish to do so. As for extra pay, does your school district offer summer school? Ours does and we get paid hourly. Maybe look into this or try PRN at a LTC facility. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family.
  7. Purple036

    LPN/LVN salary vs Teachers salary

    I am a school nurse with my LVN license. I am able to work in a school due to my health supervisor being an RN. As for the pay, I am paid less than the teachers. If you have your RN license you are paid equivalent to the teachers (depending on experience you will get more). Even though I am paid less than teachers I still love my job and appreciate caring for the kiddos, staff and parents.
  8. Purple036

    Do You Remember...

    Teachers are to blame for this as well. They send them down for every little thing too especially for supplies I gave them at the first of the year. When I have the time to call or see them I ask: me: "Do you still have plenty of supplies in your first aid kit I gave you the beginning of the year?" teacher: "Yes." me: "Oh ok well bc you sent a kid down for a band-aid and they are in the first aid box and assorted sizes as well." teacher: "Oh, I forgot." *laughs* Really?!?! I guess I will forget to send a letter home about little dudes ADD/ADHD medication being out. *internally says and laughs*
  9. Purple036

    Take Away Envelope/Containers

    https://deterrasystem.com/ We use these bags for our district. We have to count the medication with a witness, document, dispose and send to the health supervisor. They are really cool bags.
  10. Purple036

    Texas school sets dress code for parents

    So true! I do not live far from Houston but this rule I understand but to enforce I think it is a waste of time. Parents are going to do and wear what they want.
  11. Purple036

    Dear Parent....

    I am your student(s) school nurse. Plus, the 500+students and 70+ staff who I care for from the simplest to the most emergent situations. I do not have any other nurses or health aids in my clinic, only me. That said I apologize if I forget to call about when your student had a restroom accident and I provided them a change of clothes because I could not get a hold of you and left a voicemail. Yes I wash the clothes myself that I provide for the clinic and most of them are brand new because I bought them at Walmart, Target, Ross, etc. Your student was fine at the time of their assessment and the rest of the day because I did not see them in office again. If I did or my assessment concluded in me contacting you I definitely would have done so. Again I apologize but do understand I am here for your student(s) everyday. I care for them all and want them healthy, safe and happy everyday. I PAID to go to school, graduate, take my boards and work in this field. I applied, interviewed and trained to be in this speciality that I love and will work in until I retire from nursing. Trust me when I say I am not in it for the money because if I was I would have furthered my education or work a different speciality than this but I don't because again this job is for me. I am the school nurse advocate for your student when you are not here. I am to LOOK into what is wrong or their complaint, LISTEN to their body and how they feel and FEEL for their site of pain physically and emotionally. So, when you call my administrators complaining about my judgement know that I will take your complaint into consideration, reflect and make sure to call every time your student(s) come into clinic. I ask that you have all your contact information update such as phone and email so that I may contact you. I look forward to speaking with you. Sincerely, School Nurse **I thought about this yesterday. It is not a official letter just something I wish I could say. I can't believe the complaints we get when all we are trying to do is keep all the students and staff safe, healthy and happy. I do know this for certain we will not always make the parents happy but we will try our best especially for the students. Thank you to all nurses! For caring for people of all ages. Thank you to all the school nurses who take care of these kiddos everyday! Have a great Easter!**
  12. Purple036

    Countdown to SUMMER!

    27 days! We also have a 4 day weekend due to Easter. This year has gone by so fast.
  13. Purple036

    How many diabetics do you have?

    1 T1D, newly diagnosed 4 year old.
  14. Purple036

    Preventive Care

    Do you call parents as a preventative measure so the student will not become worse and advise to seek medical treatment? Such as a student with wheezing when auscultating or persist cough and red throat that hurts. Thanks for the input. I appreciate you all. * If a asthmatic student I do administer their inhaler or nebulizer but for those who are not diagnosed with asthma (or so the parent did not put on the health form).
  15. Purple036

    Why don't parents

    This happens far too often. I try calling all contacts including what the teacher might have. Also we try messaging them through Class DoJo a app our teacher and parents use to communicate through. If we are still unable to reach them we will check if they have siblings or relatives and contact them. And if that doesn't work we will send a officer to the home but sometimes they don't even update their address. Sad. Its irritating but when I think about it especially if they are afebrile or not needing emergent care, I think about how obviously they are better here with me to take care of them. I may have 50 other students coming to my office filling up my beds but I would rather them be here with me because then I know they are getting the care they need. Just unfortunately I do not have medication for them. I hope your little guy gets better. Thanks for being a school nurse and caring for the kiddos!
  16. Purple036

    Phone Calls

    Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I had a question for you all in regards to phone calls. Do you call your parents/guardians about your students if they were injured at school? Such as a bloody lip, bump on the head, intentionally injured by another student, etc?