Credit card trick for Nclex


Hi has anyone tried the credit card trick recently as in this month? thanks

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If you head over to the NCLEX forum, you will find a wealth of posts dedicated to this topic.


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Thread moved to NCLEX forum.


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If you just scan down the list of threads of this very forum your thread is on, you will see HUNDREDS of threads and posts on this topic.

It works....mostly....kinda....and you don't get charged if you pass....except when you do....and doing it before 24 hours has passed means you might get the right pop up...or not.

See the problem?

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I highly recommend waiting 48 hours and pay the $7.95 for Quick Results if your state participates. You'll know 100% guaranteed, for sure, that you passed. PVT isn't always reliable. Think about it this way: what if you got the "bad" pop up when you actually passed? You'd be devastated thinking you failed. Do you really want to put yourself through potential misery? Conversely, what if you failed and you did PVT too early and got the "good" pop up? You wouldn't want to find out later that you didn't pass. While it "works" for some people, it doesn't work reliably enough to count on it. Plus, you run the risk of getting charged a non-refundable $200. Yes, I know people say to change the expiration date or put in a card with less than $200 on it. But if all you get is a message saying your card is invalid, you still have no answer on whether you passed or not. PV can check the card validity even if you passed. It's just not worth putting yourself through more agony. 48 hours passes by, it really does. I know it feels excruciatingly long when you're desperate to know the answer. But you really will make it through :D (trust me, I lived!) It was the best $7.95 I've ever spent in my life to find out 100% that I passed :up:

Best of luck on your results!