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Contribute your craziest baby delivery stories from the Del room, ER, emergency services!


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Contribute your craziest baby delivery stories from the Del room, ER, emergency services!

not really all that crazy but I was a phleb at a hospital and this girl had nipplerings on both breasts and said she was gonna breast feed but wouldn't take the rings out that the baby would just have to get used to them. I suggested that the baby may choke but that is as crazy as I have seen

TinyNurse, RN

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A mom CAN nurse with nipple rings.

Worked in a rural 12 bed ED, had a young mom come in with abd pain, ( didn't know she was pregnant) delivered twins... ( 2nd pregnancy, the first she delivered in squad) We didn't have an OB dept. at this hospital. We transferred them all out.

xo Jen

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Had a young mom come in to the ER in labor...screaming, "Get it out!" over and over. One of our nurses said, "Honey, you should have said that nine months ago!" :rolleyes: ;)

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A lady in a brand new Mercedes 560 with hand tooled leather seats and all the goodies drove her neighbor to the hospital. She parked in the ambulance bay honking and waving madly. Her friends water had broken and we caught the baby in the front seat and then the placenta fell out onto the floor board, what a mess.

Mother and baby fine

the Mercedes a mess

the lady will never drive anyone to the hospital again

Ruby Vee, BSN

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contribute your craziest baby delivery stories from the del room, er, emergency services!

years ago, i was working in heme/onc. we had a 6 months pregnant girl with leukemia -- she had been warned not to get pregnant, but didn't listen.:o :o she was in sad shape: infected, platelet count in the toilet. the baby wasn't moving so they did an us and found that the baby was dead. :o the plan was to transfer the patient to ob on monday and induce labor. this was sunday morning.


[color=#4b0082]the patient was on a demerol drip for pain from her leukema, and the new grad i was working with had been turning up the demerol all night long for "abdominal pain." when i finally got a free moment to check her charting, i asked her "what kind of abdominal pain?" well, it seems that it came in waves, and her abdomen was rather rigid. holy $hit!


[color=#4b0082]so i go tearing in their in whip up the sheet, and sure enough, the gal is crowning! she's totally out of it -- probably from the demerol. i sent the new grad to get the resident while i paged the nursing supervisor. (i knew nothing about ob then, and what little i thought i knew has totally evaporated since.) the new grad came back, saying the resident "wouldn't come." by this time, the supervisor was there, and she said, "ruby, just go get him."


[color=#4b0082]i found the resident in the on call room, staring into space with his face twitching a bit. "come on," i told him. we need you.


[color=#4b0082]"i ain't comin'," he said, reverting back to his south side of chicago speech patterns. "i don't know nuttin' about no babies. i ain't comin'. i don't know nuttin' about no babies"


[color=#4b0082]not knowing anythng about babies myself, i wasn't particularly sympathetic. i took him by the arm and started leading him toward the patient room, all the while updating him on vital signs, platelet count, etc. just outside the room, he stopped suddenly and yelled "i ain't goin' in there! i don't know nuttin' 'bout no babies!" with a marked lack of sympathy for his antics, i yanked on his arm and said "you have to come. you're the doctor." right about that time, he -- the resident, i mean -- started to fall. he was having a grand mal seizure. i wasn't watching him -- i was trying to drag him into the patient's room. i dislocated his shoulder on the way down.


[color=#4b0082]the patient squirted the baby out -- no problems. no bleeding at all, even with a platelet count of about 5. the supervisor caught the kid, reamed out the new grad, wrote out both incident reports and saw the resident admitted to the er. day shift started about 20 minutes later, and my head nurse came to speak to me about "why everything is such a mess here.:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire and when i came back to work that night, the resident was a patient on our unit. as i walked into his room at the start of the shift, there were five or six residents visiting him. "there she is," he said, pointing at me. "there's the ***** that dislocated my shoulder!"


[color=#4b0082]that's the only time i ever had a patient give birth. but my best friend assures me that pavulon doesn't stop contractions . . . that's another story.

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Ruby, what a hoot!

You should've heaved him over your shoulder..."I don't know nothing bout birthing no babies!" Excellent job, LOL


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48 yr old obese nulliparous female, comes into the ED c/o abd pain, onset about 6 hours ago, "comes in waves" etc. You can see where this is going, right? Yep! she is crowing. she is rushed to OB, (fast as a speeding bullet, I will admit) and delivers 15 minutes later! Healthy baby, and mom does well.

Mom is very slightly mentally challenged, I have always wondered if she kept the baby.

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The firemen/paramedics bring a 16 yoa single girl to ER. She has had severe abd pain all day, and is nauseated. After an exam, she is taken up to OB as she is in labor (of course). One of the firemen goes to the waiting room to let her parents know that she was fine and would be delivering soon. Her father said "What did you guys do to her? She wasn't pregnant when you guys brought her in here!" :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :rotfl: I've always heard that firemen work fast, but this is rediculous!

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I walked into a very busy night in the ER to start my shift, when the triage nurse was yelling she needed a guerney NOW! All the hall beds were full, nothing anywhere to lay down on, not even a wheelchair available.

There was a pelvic bed in one room, but a patient in the actual bed, so we decided to pull that bed out into the hall and use the pelvic exam bed, when all of a sudden there was crying in the woman's pants where she was standing! Her husband scooped her up in his arms, we charged over to the exam bed and started yanking. She finishes delivering, O2 on the kid, more yelling, and everything turned out fine.

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22 y/o female 9 months pregnant...recent crack/cocaine use...strolls into the ED, sits down in waiting room....triage nurse realzies she's got big belly and asks why she is there? "I think my baby is coming out" very calm...not yelling...doesn't look uncomfortable...but walking a little funny...sits in W/C gets wheeled back to treatment area...I go over to help her get undressed and she stands up and says very calmly, I think its coming out...having already delivered a child, I'm thinking ok lady, lets get you in the bed and undressed and get you to L and D, cause ER nurses don't like birthing no babies...well I go to pull her pants down and as I grab them, I feel something hard...Oh yeah...that'd be baby head...needless to say...we threw her into the bed, finished delivereing the baby...healthy little girl despite mom's extracurricular drug activities...and over to L and D she now when they say "I think its coming out..." I always ask if they feel something rubbing the inside of their legs? and frisk them like they are packing a gun...


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Every delivery is crazy. 4 bed ER equipped with a warmer and a fetal monitor, both of which are in a locked closet in the old nursery:crying2:

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