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I was hoping you all wouldn't mind running over my mnemonics and seeing if I missed anything "critical", heh. I'm going blind after over-studying! The beginnings of these were passed on to me by another student and I've changed them quite a bit, but feel free to use whatever you like.

Safety SCABS

S siderails

C callbell and phone

A anything else you need?

B bed low

S shoes or slippers when getting up

Fluids DISH

D drip rate and IV

I intake and output

S site check

H hydration status

Mobility MAD AIR

M mobility status

A abnormalities

D devices used

A assess above

I implement assigned mobility tasks

R reassess and patient response


M mar check and 5 rights

A allergies, apical pulse

R recheck MAR to patient ID

S sign

Heplock SAFR

S site check

A aspirate

F flush

R record

Weight BUM

B balance scale

U undress patient prn

M maintain asepsis

Abdominal assessment PPP look listen feel

P does the patient need to pee?

P pain

P position patient

Drainage and specimen CART

C color

A amount

R record

T type

Irrigation PVIAT

P position patient

V verify placement of tube

I instill fluid

A amount of solution

T type of solution

Musculoskeletal Mgt. MAP AIR

M mobility status

A abnormalities

P pain with movement

A assess above

I implement

R reassess and response

Neuro LAMP

L loc

A assess fontanel

M movement



S skin assessment

O O2 status

A activity level

P position

Pain Mgt. PLDQ3 AIR

P pain leve

L location

D duration

Q quality

3 3 pain relief methods

AIR assess, implement, reassess and patient response

Patient teaching RID

R ready to learn?

I identify patient needs

D did patient learn?


P pulses

M movement

S sensation

T temperature

CC color or cap. refill

Respiratory assessment PAIL

P position

A assess breathing pattern

I instruct to deep breathe

L lung sounds

Respiratory Mgt. PAIL SDI AIR

PAIL see above

S spit cup

D deep breathe and cough

I incentive spirometer

AIR assess, implement, reassess and response

Skin assessment TIMEC

T temperature

I integrity

M moisture

E edema

C color changes

Wound Mgt. DALT AIR

D drainage

A appearance

L location

T type

AIR assess, implement, reassess and response

Enteral RATFEN

R residual

A amount of feeding

T type of feeding

F fowler's position

E examine GT/abdomen

N NG tube--verify placement

I'd be very grateful for any feedback!

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Well I sure liked 'em, but I'm just starting to study for the CPNE...

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they look great.

I just passed the CPNE, but thank you :)

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congrats cobweb!!!!

Thanks for posting! And congrats on passing the CPNE!:)

Congrats! Just began studying for CPNE-don't have date yet. Would you have changed any of your mneumonics looking back? Thanks for sharing.

I did alter this one--safety, SCABBS--Siderails x whatever, Call bell and phone, Anything else you need? Bed low, Brakes on, Slippers or shoes.


I highlight any timed area I have such as 20s or meds. Anything that is mobility or management of any kind has AIR after it--Assess (ex. assess mobility and abnormalities), Implement (reposition patient x 1), and Reassess and/or response (patient became short of breath after repositioning, denied pain with movement.) I hope that helps a bit :) Be sure and write down ALL your findings, you won't remember them when you go to chart, unlike at work. I wrote everything in pencil, which was a blessing, except where you have to sign, such as meds.

:ancong!: on passing CPNE!

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Awwww, so happy for you CONGRATS! :yeah:

Thanks, all :) I think I'm having some post traumatic stress syndrome, lol, it really hasn't sunk in yet.

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thanks, all :) i think i'm having some post traumatic stress syndrome, lol, it really hasn't sunk in yet.


don't worry, the replay of the cpne and dreams will disappear eventually. it took me a couple of days. :smokin:

i heard of some people still dreaming about the cpne several weeks after.

good luck on the nclex!!! you'll be cobwebrn soon.

angel, rn

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