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contact, droplet, airborne oh my!

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need help with transmission precautions. I have the list of which illness falls under which precaution but I need some clarification as to the standard PPE to wear in different situations . so the way I understand it is standard plus contact, standard plus droplet, standard plus airborne determines what to wear based on different situations. is there a question bank for this? I have also seen nclex questions throw in suctioning of a pt that is on contact precautions so you have to know the standard ppe for suctioning which is a face shield? im not sure. can a face shield be replaced by a mask and goggles? sometimes yes sometimes no? If i'm feeding someone with out an infection I don't need to wear gloves? when do you isolate a pt? some illnesses are both contact and droplet etc but which ones? only TB gets the N95 respirator? aids is contact but if suctioning wear a gown and mask or gown and faceshield? or just a gown and not a faceshield. HELP!!!

Thanks for any and all replies!!!

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Contact Precautions

Before entering: Wash hands THEN don gloves 1st and gown 2nd. Pt. gets private room.

Upon leaving: Remove gloves 1st and then gown. Gown worn during transport.

Examples: MRSA, RSV (also droplet), C. DIFF, Scabbies

Airborne Precautions

Same order for don. Wear N95 mask, and remove mask AFTER leaving the pt’s room.

-Keep pt’s door closed at all time, private room with neg. air pressure. Mask worn during


Examples: Varicella (chicken pox), Measles (Rubeola), TB, Herpes disseminated.

Droplet Precautions

Private room, and door may be open. Only need surgical mask within 3 feet of patient.

Examples: Pneumonia, Menicoccal Menigitis, Influenza, RSV, Strept, Scarlet Fever, Pertussis, Rubella, Mumps, H. Influenzae type B.

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I am a recent nclex taker. Pm

Airbone: My (Measeals) Chicken (chicken pox aka varicella) Hez (Herpes) TB(Tubercl.)

Airbone is always closed door & N95.

HIV is standard.

Contact: CDIFF

Droplet: like the person above stated

Some ques i saw, said wound u wear mask, gown and gloves. But i think with such questions you will find the key in the question... all the best

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buspar has 2 years experience and specializes in ICU/CCU.

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I thought herpes was Contact ???!

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There 2 types of Herpes. The herpes disseminated is airbone

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Thanks for all the replies . I think the airborne needs a mask but only tb needs the N95. Chicken pox ( varicella ) and shingles ( herpes zoster ) are airborne. Herpes simplex is contact? I think herpes simplex is just standard - not sure on that one.

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I am taking my board in two days! I am just reviewing the Infection & control! Here are my tips I memorized well!

Donning PPE--> Gown, Mask/Respirator, Gogges/Faceshield/Gloves

Removing PPE--> Gloves, Goggles/Faceshield, Gown, Mask/respirator

Standard Precautions--> Blood, body fluid and excretions except sweats, nonintact skin, mucous membranes

Management--> Gloves, Gown, Mask or eye protector (mucous membranes) Handwashing Before & After

Contact Precautions--> MRS.WEE

M-MultiResistant Organism/MRSA

R-Respiratory Infection/ RSV

S-Skin Infection/ Impetigo, scabies, varicella zoster, Herpes simple, cutaneous dipetheria

W-Wound Infection

E-Enteric Infection C-diff

E-Eye Infection conjunctivitis

Management--> Private Room or Place client with client has active infection with same microorganisms, Gloves, Gown

Airbone Precautions


Chicken-Chicken Pox

Hez- Herpes Zoster


Management- Privatge Room, negative pressure 6-12 air exchange, Mask Respiratory, N95 Mask for TB

Droplet Precautions-->



S-scarlet fever

S-stretococcal pharyngitis

P-Parovirus B19




D-Diptheria Pharyngeal







Management--> Private Room, Mask and work within 3 feet of the client

Those are my tips I am going to use in two days!! Good luck Everyone :)

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