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  1. ipassednclex11/14

    NCBSN prorgam any idea?

    Hello, i used mainly (90%) ncsbn questions and 10% hurst videos and passed on my 2nd attempt. i dint get to go thru all the questions maybe 600 out of 1100. Everyone is different. Ncsbn worked for me. But what i liked is i felt they focused on some key things. The key things kept repeating in different questions.
  2. ipassednclex11/14

    NCLEX worries

    Relax and take your time answering questions. Eliminate answers, use strategies. All the best passing Nclex.
  3. ipassednclex11/14

    Did anyone here do the NCSBN review for the NCLEX-PN?

    I used it and i think it really helped me critically think
  4. ipassednclex11/14

    Scheduled Boards (Again) ADVICE!

    Rule #1: take your time doing the exam.THIS is KEY. You might not know the answer but you can eliminate answers and apply knowledge from nursing sch. But you can only do this when you take your time reading the questions (2 to 3 times). Content is good BUT do as many higher level questions as possible. Questions make you critically think. Because nclex questions are not direct.
  5. ipassednclex11/14

    License Pending?

    Rnof92014.This is not accurate. When u fail it will still say pending
  6. ipassednclex11/14

    Need prayer

    Do as many questions, higher level ques (ncsbn) for 2-3 weeks and take the exam. You will do well.
  7. ipassednclex11/14

    contact, droplet, airborne oh my!

    There 2 types of Herpes. The herpes disseminated is airbone
  8. ipassednclex11/14

    Debunking the SATA Myth.

    I too passed with 10-15 sata. Congrats RN
  9. ipassednclex11/14

    Brand and generic medications

    Took mine in Nov. Saw generic names only
  10. ipassednclex11/14

    License Pending?

    Hello, depending on state, this is normal. When you pass your license number will appear on there. When one fails, it remains like that. Pending does not indicate pass of fail.
  11. ipassednclex11/14

    Passed with Few Sata

    I used ncsbn questions and content from hurst. My advice to you would be do whats best for you. I di not do alot of content, i felt as though 2 years on nursing was enough. My problem was learning to answer questions. Ncsbn was best for me because the questions were challenging. I would make notes as i studied the questions. i learnt to think critically. I also felt they concentrated on important things.
  12. ipassednclex11/14

    contact, droplet, airborne oh my!

    I am a recent nclex taker. Pm Airbone: My (Measeals) Chicken (chicken pox aka varicella) Hez (Herpes) TB(Tubercl.) Airbone is always closed door & N95. HIV is standard. Contact: CDIFF Droplet: like the person above stated Some ques i saw, said wound u wear mask, gown and gloves. But i think with such questions you will find the key in the question... all the best
  13. ipassednclex11/14

    Working whilst in Nursing school?

    Yes, i did. I actually found that have minimal time made me use it wisely. There was a semster i dint work as many hours, and i dint use those extra hours to study. All my friends also worked and we all successfully made it w/o failing any class.
  14. ipassednclex11/14

    Passed NCLEX in 125 Qs on 2nd attempt!

    Hello, i loved ur post. It was encouraging while i was waiting for my results. I was anxious because i did not have alot of sata. But I PASSED. And i hope everyone else will be encouraged.
  15. ipassednclex11/14

    Passed with Few Sata

    I had 1 picture. 1 exhibit. No math and 1 drag and drop that was an easy topic but had to many options that i wasnt familiar with.
  16. ipassednclex11/14

    Passed with Few Sata

    Hello... I want to encourage anyone about to take nclex. I took nclex 2nd time and passed. During the exam, i did not have that many Sata questions. I was freaking out because "people" say that when you get alot of sata that means your passing. NOT true. Out of the 126 questions I got, majority were Priority "first, most" etc. I probably only had 10-15 sata. I wasnt counting. But for those few sata I eliminated answers using T/F.Good luck everyone.

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