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I am a recently graduated RN and the hospital that I am currently employed at as a nurse assistant will not hire me as a RN because I graduated from Excelsior College. I heard that they had a bad... Read More

  1. by   scrapbookingmom2
    Yes, good luck to you! It's hard for all the new grads right now. Just be persistent and you will find your job. Good luck to you.
  2. by   Jan Thompson
    Obviously I am not a lawyer. But I think you might want to contact one that specialized in discrimination.

    I am a little surprised that the HR department let you know WHY they would not hire you if it was because of the college you graduated from...

    They would have been wise to simply say they are looking for someone more qualified.

    Since they did divulge the reason, you may have a strong case.

    BTW you might want to contact the legal department at Excelsior College. They will not be happy that hospitals are discriminating against their graduates.

    Good luck

  3. by   CRudlerRN
    thanks scrapbookingmom2!

    @jan..thanks for the input...i assume that i could get a lawer and pursue something, but i don't want to be "that person", ya know? and they only reason they told me that they wouldn't hire me is because i directly asked them if they would hire graduates from excelsior.
  4. by   JenTheRN88
    I had that problem with a hospital I applied to. The woman from HR said "you went to ____? We don't hire grads from ____." I felt like it was discrimination, but I think they have the right to hire whoever they want and they can just say it was something in the resume that they felt didn't qualify you. I think it's terrible that HR judges us on where we went to school. I lucked out and got a job at the hospital I was at as a Student Nurse Intern and I'm still there, two years post graduation.
    Good luck in your job search and I'm so sorry to hear you're being discriminated against! I'm sure whichever hospital offers you a job will be lucky to have you!
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Given that several states will either not license, or will requirement extra training for EC, I am not surprised.And yes, in most places it is legal
  6. by   mattfd37
    Well Excelsior is an online program and has extremely limited clinical experience, I believe it's only two days correct? You are competing against grads that have an avg of 200hrs a semester. I don't think it's the school per say but the experience you have at the bedside. You are better off looking at a LTC facility until you get that experience. Good luck!
  7. by   Mideast100
    Does anyone know how graduates from Thomas Edison State College (TESC) are treated by potential employers when applying for RN jobs, esp in CT? I'm doing my RN-to-BSN through their online program, and I wonder how hospitals in this area (CT/MA/RI) look at TESC (that is, if they've ever even heard of it).
  8. by   mattfd37
    Well I would assume they would look at it like any other State school. Plus, you're already an RN with hopefully 1yr exp. You should be ok.