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Well I am currently in nursing school, I have 2 semester more until graduation and I recently found out I was pregnant, which means I will either have to stop school and have the baby or do an abortion... I dont know what to do..

please help.

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How do the above posters know she even believes in god, the same god you have in mind, or is religious at all?
I don't think limitless-visions meant any harm in what she wrote. She even stated she didn't know what the OP was spiritually but since the OP stated her family believes in marriage before baby, generally speaking (I know! Generalizations are generalizations!) religious people believe marriage then children. Everyone here is just trying to be supportive in their own way. If the OP is atheist perhaps she will not take it badly and understand that we are all just trying to help.

Thanks lovemy3boys I don't like to advise people on this topic but you get that when you ask for public advice. I got pregnant with my first child while I was in college. I had to sit out one semester have the baby and go back to finish my last session. The only down fall was that I didn't get to graduate with my same class. I could live with that. If I could do it all again I would just choose not to have sex and maybe just not even date until I graduate but I don't regret my challenges. I now have three kids and I'm awaiting to get into nursing school as we speak. My kids have not stopped me from doing anything. I have had to work harder than some that don't have children. Aren't we glad to be given a chance on this earth? I just talked a friend out of abortion two years ago. She thanks me all the time. She got married after the baby was born and her parents adore their grandchild. she is also about to graduate college, the one thing she worried about was the smallest problem on her list. Ask yourself this, Will you ever want to be a parent? Sometimes knowing that you were going to do it anyway helps you to accept it now then later. They say you won't ever be ready for a family until you just do it. Everything comes with challeges not just parenting. Also it seems that men never get to say whether they want the baby or not. Whatever you do don't leave him out, include his family because they may want to help in many ways. Just don't make this decision alone.

If her family truly believes in marriage then sex, she can't go the adoption route because her family would probably notice her baby bump. I can't tell you to do one thing or the the other, OP. I have never been in this situation, but you may have to put yourself first. If you cannot provide for this child, you may be better off not bringing it into the world. If you can handle paying for all of your child's needs without help, work full time to do so, and attend school then go for it. If not, you'll need to think long and hard on if you want to possibly give up school and possibly live off of the government for the next few years at least.

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I was wondering when god would come up in this thread. How do the above posters know she even believes in god, the same god you have in mind, or is religious at all? So far, we don't. If she is religious, no harm, no foul but what if not? I feel it is very egocentric of them to assume this. Being an atheist myself, if I was given this same advice to go ask god, I would be ticked off because I think it is lousy (and non-therapeutic) to assume everyone believes the same way you do. What do you do with atheist/non-believer patients or patients who believe in poly deities (i.e. Hindu, Buddhist, etc.) if they're having a hard time in their life? I think it's better to gather info aka ask first if they have a religious preference and go from there.

If Op isn't religious, I'm pretty sure it's still no harm, no foul. No one beat her over the head with a Bible, and I'm sure she has more important things to worry about than some anonymous, well-meaning poster referring to god.

I only read a few of the first comments and I wanted to reply to your post. Personally, I don't agree with abortion at all. I had my son 10 days before my 20th birthday (I'm 22 now). I took a semester off from school and went back once he got older, then I registered him into my schools daycare. I've been bringing him to school with me, dropping him off at the daycare, and picking him up after my class is over. They give you study hours. It's like 2$ an hour at my school. Now I'm preparing to start nursing program and still will be doing the same thing with him. Of course it's hard, but it's worth having him. He makes me want to do better. I love him more than anything in this world. But this is your decision, I hope you make the right one and good luck with everything, keep us updated!

You have to think about the field your going into. You are going to care for someone forty or more hours a week and yes some of your patients will be babies or may act like a baby. If you can't care for a innocent child what make you think you will succeed at this? Most nursing program will send you to nursing homes where you have to clean and change diapers on the elderly or disabled. Also who promised you that you would graduate? your future isn't promised to you. Just like this baby, he or she could be the next president but they didn't know that someone first has to decide if they take there first breath or not. I'm not trying to scare you because trust me I'm talking to myself also. We put so much promises on our future saying what we are going to be and how our life will turn out. Well what if you have the abortion and you don't finish nursing school? Anything can happen. We all sign up to be this nurse but we don't expect nothing to stop us. We have to realize that things will happen just like pregnancy did for you. I mean if you got the flu in nursing school that lasted more than a week(to cause you to miss school) that alone may cause you to repeat or drop out. Anyway I know that I have shared my thoughts and peace but a topic like this can go on and on. I guess thats one reason I like nursing because I do get to care about others even when they don't like it so excuse my emotions. I'm use to trying to make negative situations become positive. I don't always succeed but it doesn't hurt me to try. Be Safe!!!!!!

I am a mother of 4 children, ages 5-10! I have an enormous support system to help me with daycare and managing the day to day things that fall to the side during nursing school. On the flip side, I have a friend who had a baby between our 1st and 2nd semester (we are about to start 3rd!) and she does not have near the support I do. She missed the maximum amount of days and depended on me to take notes for her a lot. That's not saying it is impossible bc she is still standing next to me and we will graduate next May! The one thing that saved her rear is she is an LPN and makes enough to cover daycare. Personally, I would NOT quit nursing school or take a semester off. The odds of you finishing if you do are small. Not everyone can be the superwoman single mom and that's ok too. Finish school because life is way too hard without an education! Don't give up what you have worked so hard for!

thank you all for your advise and i will appreciated really opened my eyes to things..

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