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limitless-visions has 2 years experience.

I'm a mother of three kids, two of which are twin boy girl and other is a boy, marriage of six years, two sisters, I love to help and care for others, I have grown to know god over the last year and enjoy living life for him

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  1. limitless-visions

    Any Halfway house/Transitional Nurses

    I'm possibly going to take a job working at a halfway house? State benefits, good schedule 32 hours per week.....My only fear is I'll be the only nurse running the clinic. Any ever been in this type position. Its contracted through a university so one perk is they pay up to 9 credits per semester for school and I know I'm going back one day so this is a plus. I also interviewed with public health and awaiting an answer on if I got that job. What would yall do take the halfway house or public health. Both state benefits
  2. limitless-visions

    Public health nurse job offer but will receive paycut...Opinions?

    Hi I'm thinking really hard on doing public health, are you still doing it if so how is it going so far
  3. limitless-visions

    Public health, WAH, or Hospice Home care

    You guys please tell me if you had a choice of working as a public health nursing, Work from home as a care manager for Humana, or Hospice home care Which would you choose and why? All three have schedules that I desire, Hospice and Public health gives me an opportunity to teach as I have a true passion for teaching, Humana I'm afraid I might get really bored at home but Im not sure because Ive never tried it. Public health pay amt and being paid monthly does scare me but I love what they have to offer. Im really trying to think about my future and what would be good in the long haul instead of money all the time. I also desire to make impact on my patients and I figured with humana I might not get that opportunity. Well enough ranting now please share if you have personal roles in these areas please tell the good, bad, ugly Thanks a bunch:nailbiting:
  4. limitless-visions

    Public Health Nurse

    Hi I know this is an old post but was wondering did you ever get the job and if so are you enjoying it
  5. limitless-visions

    HELP. Telephonic case management Too good to be true?

    Is it Humana by chance?? I'm almost scared to continue after all the reviews
  6. limitless-visions

    Humana cares manager

    Are u working with Humana share any info please
  7. limitless-visions

    Humana St. Pete

    Are you still liking your Job with Humana, I'm awaiting my second interview and just want to know if the wait is worth it
  8. limitless-visions

    Case Management -Humana

    How's it going so far with Humana
  9. limitless-visions

    Telephonic Case Manager

    Hi do you work with humana still please give me feedback
  10. limitless-visions

    Favorite RN Position

    what company, im pending an interview for peach state case management
  11. limitless-visions

    Centene/Peach State/Total Med

    Hi is anyone working for Agency by name of Total Med? or Are any info regarding peachstate health plan/centene corporation? Im very interested in learning more about this company working as a RN Care Manager. I've never done this type of work before but I love the monday thru fri schedule they have, I do have home care administration experience. I'm looking to succeed in my next career.
  12. limitless-visions

    Centene/Superior Healthplan

    Hi I just started the hiring process for centene as well Care Manager I in my area. Did you get on board? How is it going? I'm actually dealing with an agency by name of total med is that who you went through. Where did you train at, they told my Atlanta GA area for 4 weeks, in a nut shell tell me everything you can lol I hope I get the job
  13. limitless-visions

    Darton Fall 2012??

    That's a great idea, I have seen previous classes use facebook for their class so it must be helpful!!! I will look this up on facebook. Thanks!!!!!
  14. limitless-visions

    accepted to darton college- fall 2012

    Thanks for that info, it does help someone like myself just going into the program this fall. I really think the key is to ask for help if you don't know after the teachers have explained it. The teachers stressed to us at our mandatory meeting that we should come to them if we need to. I agree that darton is a college that trys to give anyone a chance that is willing enough to come in an work hard.
  15. limitless-visions

    Darton Fall 2012??

    luluinblu I was just wondering did you get your letter yet? It seems that everyone that stays in Albany got there letters first. Southbeach and Keakin both got their letters today and they both live near or atleast an hour from the area. I just wanted to check on ya!!!!!! yall are lucky to already be in the area.
  16. limitless-visions

    Anyone taking the hesi for fall nursing program w/Darton

    Just thought I would alert everyone on this thread that letters are out. Several people have posted their results on another thread. If you got your letters please post so we can all support each other like we have been doing up until this point. I probably won't get a lot of rest at this point due to my stress level have increased even more now that I know monday is the day. I only got junk mail today.