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I am hoping someone out there can help me clarify some things because I am confused about which prereques to take next semester. I have a BS in Public Health and I already took Anatomy and Phys but I took them in summer of 03 and graduated from the program in one of my questions is that, when colleges look at the 7 year maximun mark for the sciences do they look at they year i graduated from or the year the course was taken? because if they look at the year then i dont need to take them again, i have until the end of this year but if they look at the specific semster and year that course was take then i would need to retake which one is it?

and also, i am applying for both accelerated BSN and Associates program and i need to take two more coursers to apply for the ABSN program (pathopsyiology and pharmacolgy) and i was hoping to take them next semester but if i need to retake Anat and Phys i am afraid that will be too much of a load for one semster, so i was thinking of taking maybe pathophysio , anatomy and phys and taking pharmacoloy in the summer before begining nursing school in the fall but i am still apprehensive about pulling anat phys and pathphysio all in one semster. anyone took those courses together...and survived? please if anyone else have any idea/clarification for me, im all ears. tks in advance

Check with your school just in case but I highly doubt it will be the year you graduated.

I hate to point this out but are you sure one A/P class is enough? Most require two, either A/P I and II or an anatomy and a physiology.

I think you will be okay doing both A/P as a retake and patho during the spring unless you are stretched really thin with other things (lots other classes, job, family). You can take some of the load off by reviewing before spring term starts. I haven't done it.

My school looks at the year it was taken.

My school also has the 7 year thing, but they took my bio from 8 years ago.

Year the course was taken. But some people get waivers, worth asking about.

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