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I take my TEAS in 2 weeks to apply for the BSN  program  however, I am 26  and my husband is 30 . I don't want to wait to have another child . We have a daughter and she's 4 . Any advice ? 

Do you know if there are openings in the program you are looking to attend? I would say, have the child and then go to nursing school. I was 26 when I decided to attend. Nursing will always be something to aspire to, but I would not wait.

Are you saying not to wait to have another child ? Or not to wait to go to nursing school ? Yes there are openings 

I would say have another child. The  first classes do not have clinical time involved. Your child will probably arrive before that becomes the norm. Being pregnant should not deter you from nursing school.

I've already taken all my prerequisites already 

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Do both. You might have to take a semester off when you give birth but I don't see why you couldn't go to nursing school and do clinical while pregnant. Good luck to you. 

Is there a BSN program that you can apply to that is hybrid? My program has classes online and then just in-person for labs and clinicals. This might make the schedule a bit easier for you.

South college in Atlanta has one 

Hi Ronisha,

I am only starting my accelerated BSN this fall, so I can't speak specifically to nursing school. But I found out I was pregnant when I had just been accepted into a master's program in cell and molecular biology. I had to defer my acceptance and started the program when my daughter was 10 months old. I had an older son who had just turned 3. I made it through the graduate program, but I had to do a lot of going to bed at 2 am and getting up at 6 am kind of stuff for a while because I did my studying after the kids went to bed. My house got really messy,  and we ate a lot of frozen meals from Trader Joe's, but I was a good student and a good mom and my husband was OK with it all.

I am all for having the baby. But I think you just have to know the answer to some important questions like how would you handle feeding (OK not to 100% breastfeed?), would you be OK being away from your baby to do a 12-hour clinical shift plus the commute,so maybe more like 14 hours? Can you not beat yourself up if the laundry sits for two days unfolded? It's a tough spot because the sooner you do school, the sooner you start making money. My mother-in-law always told me that there is never a great or convenient time to have a kid. 

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