Complying with CA BON deficient courses


As the title states for the folks that have to take certain courses such as OB, MS or either Psyc, has anyone visited and spoken to any Nursing directors at the approved CA BON Nursing Schools listed on the website?

If so please share us your thoughts on the matter, it would help thousands of Nursing Graduates that received this special requirement that we need to comply with the CA BON before NCLEX examination.


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There only seems to be a handful that have actually contacted persons you mentioned to have spoken to. Evanchoy is one of them and he spoke to Loma Linda Univ. and I'm not sure anyone has truly successfully entered into such a deficiency class or program yet, as no one has reported back here. This could be due to that the schools only accept applications once or twice a year or maybe they did try but was unable to get a open spot or still in the process of going thru the application paperwork.

What seems to be the case everywhere is that there's a very limited space for the international opening from 1-3 spots and it can be very expensive as not counting the tuition fees but also for books, transportation, place to live, etc and we are not able to get financial aid help as international students. So even if you get in, you can't afford to attend.


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It's not a "special" requirement -- you're just being asked to meet the same requirements and conditions that all the US applicants (and those from other countries) are required to meet. Most US nursing programs are set up to accept students that are attending the entire program; there is v. little opportunity to attend one or two specific classes, because US nursing programs are limited by the state BON in how many students they can accommodate and they are usually full to capacity with the "regular" students who are taking the entire program.

As for the "thousands" of international graduates who need assistance with this, CA can barely accommodate the nurses and new graduates it already has in the state; that's one of the reasons the BRN has started strictly enforcing the rules they have had in place for years now (but haven't enforced as strictly when there wasn't a surplus of nurses in the state and such limited employment opportunities).

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Have you questioned why YOU personally opted to pursue a degree program that was inadequate for your goals or to the director of the program that you graduated from, why they choose to provide an inadequate education. Perhaps those programs should revamp their curriculum. These requirements are not new and they have had plenty of time to comply with them.

Since the requirements have been law for years and many "current" foreign educated RNs do not meet the requirements, the CA BON has been allowing underqualified persons to practice with a license for years!And to answer your question of why I opted to pursue a degree program that was inadequate for my goals is simple. Tuition.

BTW this thread is not to condemn us for completing a 4-year Bachelor program in a foreign country. I believe the OP's intent is to shed light on whether there are available classes so WE can comply to the minimum requirements of the BON.

If you want to call out foreign educated students for having an inadequate education I believe YOU should start a new thread.

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The point is it is not a "special" requirement.If one is trying to achieve a goal (in this case, to qualify to be an RN in CA), it makes sense to investigate the requirements, and choose education to satisfy those requirements.Regardless, of whether CA has passed on others that were deficit, the requirements have been there long enough, that those seeking an education to achieve CA licensure should have already anticipated the challenges and planned accordingly.

As far as tuition being an issue, it makes little sense to pay for a program a study, if it does not qualify you properly to attain your goal.

And we made a mistake. Blindly following a school system that guaranteed licensure in a foreign country without properly investigating whether said course will actually qualify us.

So? Have you never made mistakes in your life? Maybe instead of criticizing us for going to school in a foreign country offering a solution would be beneficial. The only point you seem to make is that we are wrong and you are right.

I'd rather we allow this thread to proceed with said subject of "complying with CA BON deficient courses" than bicker about something that was already done.


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I just want honest to goodness feedback on the matter. International Graduates from Pinas are all in the same boat. Just don't want this thread to turn into another flame feast please. Thanks guys


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We're not all alone (PH grads), there have been those students coming from the UK or reported that even the UK is not meeting the CA BON requirements. So far, in a way, we should be thankful that not all the states has the strict requirements as in CA.

My cousin's friend is from India and she was recently denied for the concurrency problem.


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How can IEN plan accordingly if the CABON didn't implement it too years ago,the question is why just now.easy for some to saywhat they want as if they knoweverything esp.what we IEN are facing right now and by judging the education we had if its outside the US,when in fact they can't even handle real clinical cases like theones we had in our nursing years(Philippines).

The laws have been in place for a long time. Let's use the concurrency as an example.

Board of Registered Nursing - Title 16, California Code of Regulations

look at letter d.

and at the bottom of that section look at the dates.

HISTORY 1. Amendment of subsection (d) filed 4-27-87; operative 5-27-87 (Register 87, No. 18).

Unless someone has a hard copy stating that this amendment was initiated at a recent time I believe this amendment would apply since 1987 until now as stated in the Nursing Practice Act.