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I am in my 4th week of nursing school and I have already failed an exam in Algebra and one in Biology. I am beside myself. I transferred from a different University this year with a 3.8 gpa and I'm failing my classes!

I feel disgusted with myself and am now questioning whether or not I can do this. I'm 48 years old. Does anyone have any ideas or tips on time management or study tips? I'd appreciate any and all help.



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Have you tried using tutors they might offer at your school?

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If it were me, I'd talk to my professors first to see what feedback they could give about the tests and about the course demands overall. Maybe they can help you determine why you're struggling after transferring with such a great GPA. Are the expectations of academic performance different at this school? Are there other things going on in your life right now that make it difficult to study or concentrate? You've already proven that you can perform well in school. I would also definitely look into tutors; there are usually a lot of students looking for a few extra

bucks who'd help you. Good luck!


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It may also be helpful to know how the other students are doing in your classes, if it the class as a whole then you know its not you. Good luck! Just hang in there.


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Don't forget too, you're getting used to a different school, different ways of doing things. It;s a big adjustment in addition to the subject matter. How about getting into a study group with other students who have been in this school for awhile? Maybe you can learn some tips from them on how the tests are laid out and what you can expect. Don't panic, just keep pitchin'!


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Also realize that if these were the first tests in the class, you don't have much of an idea of how the instructor tests. I transferred from a community college to a private school and the one thing I have noticed is, just because it wasn't in the lecture doesn't mean it won't be on the test. What I find helpful, although not time-saving is, I take notes over the material I have read before class, then whatever is lectured on I spend a great deal of time studying that material. But I also spend time studying what wasn't covered.

But it really all boils down to learning how your instructor tests.


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two things. a study guide for the biology. and check out aaamath online. you can refresh the algebra. start back in 8th grade and work your way up. the kids are learning stuff in third grade that I did have till freshman year in high school for Lord's sake. You can do it.

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I appreciate all of your support. Update: it's now my 6th week and had another biology test which I scored a 70. Not as well as I would have liked to do but certainly an improvement over the 48 I scored on my first exam. Problem: 70 on my school's grading scale is a D-, one point away from an F....I'm very disappointed with myself and am doing all the right things, never missing classes, studying etc but still can't seem to do well.

If I can't handle the first six weeks how can I possibly handle another 3 years?? Any suggestions?


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well, sounds like maybe you need more effective study skillsA? definitely check into the tutors at your school, get some books on study skills, and also look at your schedule-have you taken on too much? in the past I have opted to drop a class to keep my grades up (so I could focus on the other classes I was taking). Science classes are important for nursing and take a lot of study time. My professors always say you should plan to spend 2-3 hrs of study time per credit hour per week. I always thought that was a lot, and some people dont need that much time, but as I get more into the curriculem I am realizing I am spending that much time!

Write out a study schedule and stick to it! Reward yourself for good behavior.

Good luck-dont give up!



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You are taking two hard courses, and don't you have to do lab time for biology besides? I always find it helpful when working with another student, especially in the lab. good luck, give yourself a break, you can do it!:)


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I agree that you should sit down and speak with your instructors and your classmates as well. Maybe others are having trouble and you could study together?

Best of luck to you!!

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