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This complaint comes after they unlawfully terminated me I have a lawyer regarding the termination and now a complaint for pre pulling meds for 7 patients that I was going to give but got a call and had to leave to take my son to the ER for head injury when he was already scheduled for brain surgery 2 weeks from then. The nurse I was working with knew they were pulled and signed out and she would have to correct the MAR. She was fine with taking over possession of the cart and keys for me to leave D/T the emergency. Now what happens


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please help with any advice! I had FMLA to cover me leaving for my 8 year old son. also The meds were wasted and re pulled and the MAR corrected by the nurse taking over. I did not pre pull the meds early I had a tray with 7 different patients meds pulled that I was taking to the second floor to deliver when I received the emergency call!

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I hope that is not your real name you're using. This is a serious matter and the less said about it on a public nusing message board, the better. Please seek the advice of your attorney and consider changing your user name to something less likely to identify you. Best of luck to you.

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1. Contact your professional malpractice/liability carrier.

2. If you don't have a policy (and everyone should) contact an administrative law attorney experienced in appearing before the board of nursing for license defense. The American Association of Nurse Attorneys offers a lawyer referral service because of the nature of this type of law practice there is often a fee for the consultation but it would be well worth it to protect your license. TAANA Executive Office - Home

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Only your attorney can answer your questions.

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First, I hope your son is ok. Second, look on the BON for previous hearings regarding medication administration and ask your lawyer what are the possible outcomes. IMO this situation at most, warrants a reprimand and remediation regarding pre-signing medication. Good luck, I hope you are treated with compassion.

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I don't understand why the meds were wasted and then re-pulled. Why didn't the nurse who co-signed and pulled them with you just give the meds if she took over the med cart? Did you take the meds with you when you left?


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Your attorney would be quick to tell you that you should not be posting the details of your case on a national public forum.

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Do you feel like they discriminated against you in any way? If so make a complaint with the EEOC as well; can't hurt.


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No, none of the medications were removed from the Building.


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I have filed a complaint with them, that is why I hired a lawyer for unlawful termination and discrimination.