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Community Service Hours


Hey everyone -

I was just curious about what you did for your community service hours. For those who've graduated, which volunteer/community hours do you think stood out to employers? I'm about to start nursing class, which means I start community service hours. I've always like volunteering, so I'm open to trying new things. :) What things did you guys try? Enjoy? Not enjoy? :)


I don't understand this question. Why are they making you "volunteer"?

We are required to do a certain amount of community service hours. Like for med-surg we have to do 15 hours, etc, etc.

Well my mind is blown ... this isn't high school ... but whatever ... to anwser your question ...

- EMT is always good ... especially if you'r aiming for ED

- A hospital I volunteered for had a speciality program in you could rotate to whatever speciality you wanted and was available.

- Veterans home ...

I believe it's a requirement of the state of California. That's what my school said I believe. It's an actual requirement for passing the class too.. I dunno. But thanks for your feedback. :rolleyes: