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  1. by   worried mom
    So since they are now accredited through the NLNAC does that mean their credits are transferrable to another college if you were to go for something else like a Masters Program? I am so worried, my daughter is at UNC but does not want to continue going to school there because of all of the partying around the entire campus. She just wants to get her nursing degree completed and start pursuing her career as a nurse but after reading some of these posts I am super worried. I do not care about the "steep tuition" if her credits transfer down the road (if she decides to go on for her Masters) and I also want her to be able to work at any hospital that is hiring.
    Is there anyone that has graduated from this program, that works at a magnet hospital? I am a nurse and working at a magnet hospital is no big deal for me, I enjoy working at PSL but I know she wants to work in the NICU and I know University and Childrens have been named on this site as not hiring graduates from Platt.
    HELP any other advice on this topic is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. by   SummitRN
    NLN is just a nursing program accreditation that is falling out of favor with Baccalaureate and graduate programs but is still favored by associates programs. NLN does not alone guarantee a credit transfer to universities.

    Platte is a vocational school that is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). To guarantee transfers, the school must be regionally accredited. In CO, that would be by North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement(NCA). Since Platte isn't, you'd need to contact individual schools to see if they'd accept Platte credits or not.
  3. by   graceomalleyRN
    I have been perhaps the most outspoken against Platt on this board. It is now my pleasure to eat humble pie.

    There are two Platt grads on my floor who are among the best/smartest nurses I know. Furthermore, one of them is almost finished with her Master's from University of Phoenix. I have been completely impressed with both their knowledge and technical skills.

    So if you are interested in this school, I think it is worthwhile if you can get in. Remember ANY nursing school is almost impossibly difficult at times, and the process itself will naturally weed out those who are not determined to succeed no matter what it takes.
  4. by   Raicho
    Nothing guarantees credit transfers to other universities. It all depends on the school. My first degree was from the George Washington University, considered by many to be a very good school on the East Coast. At one point I was trying to get into their Master's program (before Nursing) and they had some issues with GWU because of how GWU designs their classes. The classes didn't teach the exact same things and as a result, some credits transferred and some did not. So it all depends on the schools themselves and every school makes its own decisions regarding transfer credits and it is not the same for every subject.

    Platt is now approved by all state agencies as well as the NLNAC which is different from the NLN.
    Most facilities require graduation from "an accredited school". They do not distinguish between the NLNAC and any other.

    I currently work at Craig Hospital which IS a Magnet facility, we were jus re-accredited by Magnet and won another nursing quality award.

    Having graduated from Platt over 2 years ago, I have always felt that I had an excellent education and that I was definitely prepared for the real world. I think my co-workers would agree and I know my managers would agree as I just had my yearly evaluation and passed with flying colors as well as a raise. In addition, I just finished my MBA through the University of Phoenix (also accredited) and am continuing on with my Masters in Nursing. I have NEVER heard any disparaging remarks regarding Platt College from ANY MDs (Craig and consultants included), other nurses, administrators, facility recruiters or school recruiters. That being said, nursing school, and Platt College are not necessarily for everyone. I am proud of my degree from them and of how I am progressing in my nursing career and believe it is mainly due to my education at Platt.
  5. by   Maya91
    Raicho........i see you posted this in 06 and should have been done in wondering how did it all go? are you happy with the program at platt? after you were done did it take long to find a job?
  6. by   COtimothy
    WHAT IS THIS PLATTE COLLEGE ALL ABOUT in 2011-2012?!! PLEASE HELP !!! I am currently looking into the school to possibly attend their 36 month BSN program. It looks to me as they have accredidation from NLNAC and ACCSC. Pretty much the exact same as a traditional college like University of Colorado... But I have also heard that you cannot go onto secondary programs with a degree from here. Also I have heard its a waste of time and money. But on the other hand I have heard that its a great school that not many know about. Yes it is alot of money but in your education you get what you pay for. So has anyone out there done this program? Graduated? Gotten a job? moved on to become a Practitioner or a CRNA? THANKYOU SO MUCH IF ANYONE CAN HELP.
  7. by   SummitRN
    NLNAC is a nursing cred. This is good.
    ACCSC is a vocational school cred. This is bad for trying to go on to higher education.

    I wonder where most of their clinical placements are for MOST students. A lot of for profits and even CCs don't have real peds clinical and many for profits are putting students in nursing homes and doctors offices for med surg and even practicum (if they offer a practicum).
  8. by   Izzy11
    All the graduate programs I looked at just want the BSN from an NLN accredited school, so I don't see why they wouldn't accept a Platt degree. But as always, do your research. Ask some of the schools you might be interested in if they will accept it.
  9. by   Nursing_mermaid
    After reading the ENTIRE thread, I feel much more confident in actively pursuing going to school at Platt. I want to commend Mr BSN and Raicho and some of the other posters who were patient, well informed and stayed super positive in every post. CLEARLY you have had a great experience at Platt.

    I am currently residing in MI and wanting to go to nursing school in the Denver area. I'm aware of the specifics of transferring credits to Platt (as far as gen ed courses with a 'C' or higher within the last 10 years and nursing courses within the last 5 years with a 'B' or better). I'm wondering if anyone has any information or personal experiences on how their credits transferred and what their work load was like as a result. I have about 2 years worth of gen ed/nursing pre reqs. that I would be looking to transfer in the spring. My HOPE is that if enough of my credits transfer in allowing my work load to be significantly lighter the first year, ultimately giving me a little extra time to have a full time job and get settled into the area after moving.

    The small class size and focus on the individual is really appealing, not to mention the extra clinical time and how friendly the staff has been so far. As I mentioned before, I have read the entire thread so there's no need to repeat the information previously given. It's quite clear that some of the problems that were initially there during the first couple years of the program, are no longer issues (not serious ones anyways). I'm more looking for feedback from current or recent students. Thanks so much! So thankful to have stumbled upon this resource.

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