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Raicho has 14 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in SCI/TBI, Hospice, Legal Nurse Consulting.

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  1. AALNC LNCC Exam

    Has anyone taken, or is about to take, the AALNC LNCC review course and exam? If so, approximately how much did you study, how much should you have studied, and how difficult was the actual exam? Thanks!
  2. Hospice Inpatient Units

    We are a stand alone facility with 24 beds. We usually will have 3 or 4 nurses, plus a Charge, and 2-3 CNAs, depending on census. Apparently, in the past, when admissions gave hospitals specific times, the hospitals saw that as pushback and stopped...
  3. Hospice Inpatient Units

    Hi all, Anyone who works in a hospice inpatient unit, how do you deal with multiple admissions at the same time? How do you prepare, so when you get slammed, its not so bad? How have you become more effective and more efficient? How do you use vol...
  4. Insubordination?

    Thanks everyone! I agree, Daisy4rn, using specifics, especially his name and the name, and room number, of his patient (and stating it was his patient), is something I will do in the future. I'm back tomorrow and curious to hear what the other Cha...
  5. Insubordination?

    Yes, I definitely should have done that. However, I dont think he (yes, male, not that it matters) would have actually taken them in. And they were needed asap. In fact, I could see him saying "thanks" and then going to another room or area just so...
  6. Insubordination?

    Hi all, Semi new Charge Nurse here of a 24 bed hospice unit. Had a situation the other day that I need some advice about. Its shift change so I'm giving report to the oncoming Charge. We also have to count narcs so we are in the med room for about...
  7. Student/Nurse Confidentiality at High School

    "Lesson learned: no more giving her a head's up. It was not owed to her, nor was it required. This counselor is unprofessional and intimidated by your relationship with the students." It doesn't matter how she reacted; you must put the student first....
  8. Va onboarding

    Thanks for posting that link!
  9. Va process

    I would love to see it as well, if possible. Thank you!
  10. VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Hi! I am applying for a job with the VA and would love to see that proficiency as well. I have 9 years of experience, with 7.5 in spinal cord (which is the unit I am applying for) a BSN, a MSN, and a MBA, as well as CRRN. I would love to have that...
  11. Sometimes the five rights make us look dumb

    I would hope that within a 12 hour shift you take the time and effort to actually talk to those who are able and get to know who they are and what their name is. Even if I get a patient 1 hour before shift change, assuming they are coherent, I find ...
  12. Verbal Hand-off Reports - Are they no longer necessary?

    So do you just print out the SBAR form? Or is there a,way to print out a Kardex like report for each of my patients? I just started with EPIC but need something to write on.
  13. I worked in Rehab (Spinal Cord and Brain Injury) for 7.5 years then last October switched to Hospice Case Management. My company got bought in February and I am not happy. Started looking for other jobs and there are TONS. So now trying to decide ...
  14. Wound measurement apps?

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone out there uses an app to help measure wounds. I have seen statistics that say there can be any where from a16-40% discrepancy between wound measurements,even when it is the same person measuring. Any thoughts or suggest...
  15. Hmm...that's nice

    I LOVE it when they are a nurse! I feel like it is a great way to establish rapport immediately. Especially when I ask what area they are in. I am very specialized so when someone tells me they work nights or less, I thank them effusively because,...