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Long Term Care,Cardiac Care,Pediatric.
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RN2BKS has 4 years experience and specializes in Long Term Care,Cardiac Care,Pediatric..

Student!! Working on my nursing degree. I have been working on preqs slowly since Aug, 2009.

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  1. RN2BKS

    Nursing Station Technician Salary-Fairvew

    I'm at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare and I love it. Have you looked at Regions? I know they hire ADNs and did you look at smaller hospitals? I know Regina Hospital in Hastings hires ADNs. RN2BKS💉💊
  2. RN2BKS

    Nursing Station Technician Salary-Fairvew

    Hi pepehugoboss, I didn't end up getting a job at fairview but it is totally fine because I'm at a hospital I love and have been there for almost three years now (June). Good luck to you and hope that you get in soon! RN2BKS💉💊
  3. RN2BKS

    W-withdrawal on record

    It does matter. My past has caught up with me and is bitting me in the BUTT! I applied to 2 schools last year and didn't get in because of the W's. Now I am applying to more schools this year and 1 already gave me a denial letter because of the W. Try not to have them on your record because they look bad. Also, failing grades in any of the preqs look bad as well. Atleast this is my experience. I have retaken the classes so we will see what happens.
  4. Everyone at work told me to talk with them so I emailed the advisor. We will see what he says! Good luck with your pre-reqs! I will let you know what he says! :-)
  5. RN2BKS

    Passed HESI Admission Assessment Exam - My experience/Tips

    How many questions for each section? It is timed also correct ? I'm slow at taking test! I take it next Saturday! :-/
  6. RN2BKS

    Nursing from paramedic....

    What about being a nursing assistant or phlebotomy tech? I'm trying to get into a nursing program as well. I have been working as a CNA for about 4 years and make more than EMT's do. It's up to you. Good luck with your path! :-)
  7. Pickens tech has a great LPN school for dirt cheap!
  8. RN2BKS

    HESI for Century College

    Just curious if the HESI entrance exam is difficult and curious if the nursing general knowledge is hard or it is pretty basic stuff? If anyone could reply that would be great! I also explored the other sections but just seeing if anyone could give more detail about Century College's exam. Thanks!
  9. RN2BKS

    Do schools give male students an advantage?

    I think so!
  10. RN2BKS

    Saint John's Hospital Maplewood

    It all depends on your experience. I have been a CNA for four years and they were offering me 14 dollars and I made more at my last job. That's not bad but I wanted more because I didn't want to make way less then what I was making previous. Hopefully this helps you. Do you have experience?
  11. Thank you for the link!!! I hope it helps me! Lol, are the scores they give you on there different from the actual test or no?
  12. I took the A&P 1 there wanting to get into the program but I didn't like the school. Thanks for your help though! :-)
  13. A&P and Micro. I'm retaking them but I'm going to try to apply to a community college this year.
  14. RN2BKS

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Omg!!! Scary!!! I got goose bumps!!
  15. RN2BKS

    Saint John's Hospital Maplewood

    No I did not take it. I had a bad feeling about it do I didn't end up taking it. Glad I didn't because tons of people said I would have been hating my life!!
  16. I'm going to the meeting on Saturday.