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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   Dennis88
    Regis starts clinicals in week 6 (I think it is) so that's why I'm thinking we'll probably start them at some point in the first semester. But we'll find out soon enough. I agree it doesn't sound too bad, but I'm sure it will be a lot more work than it seems right now. I really wish I went to an info session

    I live near I-25 and Hampden - how about you? My kids go to a charter school that's not too far. I haven't heard anything else from Regis and I'd be very surprised if I get in before Metro starts. I think most people who drop out won't do it until it's much closer to the start date in May.
  2. by   vanderth
    Oh wow, 6 weeks. Well that should be a good time. LOL

    I live at Speer and Logan behind the 9 news building. Hopefully I will get some clinicals at Denver Health given I live so close.

    So if you got into Regis would you drop Metro? I mean even if you had already started at Metro?
  3. by   Dennis88
    It would depend on how I felt Metro was going. If it starts off well and I have a good feeling about it, then I'll tell Regis to drop me from the alternate list. A lot my reason for preferring Regis was financial, and I need to give my notice in at work before Christmas to start at Metro. So once that happens, financially I'll be much better off going to Metro since it's cheaper. And if I've already started at Metro, there would have to be some serious problems for me to lose a semester's tuition. So there would have to be something pretty major going on for me to drop out after I start.
  4. by   nam11
    Hi Everyone,
    I am going to Metro this Jan too. I am 28, live in Northglenn (hope to move back to Denver), and I work in an infectious disease lab in Centennial. I applied to other schools also, but I want to go to Metro for various reasons. Like others, I also want to go on to become a CRNA after Metro and hope that Metro will start me on that path. Outside of work I like to run, camp, and hang with my wife. I was thinking that we could start a facebook group if others were on, thoughts? Other than that I have not received anything from Metro lately. I did fill out financial aid paperwork and received some information on that (but all based on an average Metro student not nursing).

  5. by   Dennis88
    Nick, a FB group sounds like a good idea!
  6. by   StudentH
    Katie, could you give me an update on how school's going? Also, could you give me any more info about your standby situation - like did you know what number you were in line? I also got placed on standby for the upcoming year and I really want to get in!!! Any more info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. by   vanderth
    Hi Nick,

    Fb page sounds great. I am in.

    I did contact metro about the paperwork for the background/drug checks. They assured me with the literal term "no worries" that it would be in the mail in the next couple of weeks. The no worries thing bugged me, as it didn't seem too professional but whatever.

    Nick and Dennis, what are your last names and I can send you a friend request? Although, I understand if you are a little apprehensive to put your last names up on this board. We could figure something else out if need be.
  8. by   nam11
    How about this, I will get a group page up within the next two-three days and post the link here, that way if people want to join they can, and then everyone can become friends off of that. I am worried about the paperwork because I am going out of town Dec 10-Jan 3 and wanted some of the stuff figured out by then, hopefully they send it out soon.
  9. by   vanderth
    That sounds perfect Nick. Thank you.

    As far as the paperwork, I too am worried because I don't know how long the screening takes and we are suppose to be enrolled in classes by Dec 18. At least that is what my email said. I think they just take their time and aren't really concerned with our worries so much. That is a university for you.
  10. by   nam11
    I have created a basic page, you should be able to go to this link and then just hit join. Everything should be open to all, but I did make it so you have to ask to join and then be accepted in case we don't want everyone seeing what we post.


  11. by   Dennis88
    I guess it's good they haven't sent he paperwork yet as opposed to it having gotten lost. But I'm getting a bit anxious about it as well. Not that I'm worried about not passing it, but I need to give my notice at work before Christmas so I really want to have everything set by then. I'd just feel a lot more comfortaable about quitting my job.
  12. by   vanderth
    I am in the same boat as you Dennis. I have to know soon because I have to give notice at work. UGH
  13. by   mtnmedic
    There are areas of Denver that are not within the City of Denver. You might want to look at Glendale or Holly Hills which are both Arapahoe County, yet completely surrounded by the City of Denver.