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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   RNtwoBE
    Hi everyone! I just thought I'd repost something to see if there's any new people from the January cohort on here! And to see how everyone else is doing.

    Are you guys all done with the stuff we have to get done by 12/1? I'm almost there, just need the CPR class! I can't believe we're less than two months away now, yippee!!!
  2. by   laurenz
    I am applying for the July 2010 start date and online it says you can't call until January 4th.. is this what everyone also had to deal with? I keep emailing them with no response and am just wondering if I can do anything before this date?
    Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. by   RNtwoBE
    Yeah, you call on January 4th for the July cohort...I was in the first wave of them doing this and I will warn you that you feel like you're calling a radio station, you just keep getting a busy signal. But eventually I got thru and everything worked out, so don't stress too much!

    Who are you emailing that isn't getting back to you?
  4. by   laurenz
    I emailed just the general Admissions Office email address. So I will just sit and call that morning as soon as the phone lines open and they will give me an interview date? Can you run me through what happened when you called? Sorry I just want to be clear on things!
  5. by   Alice88
    If you actually get through. If you don't get through before the interview spots are filled you have to wait three months for the next call date.
  6. by   RNtwoBE
    You should email Kelly or Jeff directly, they are the admissions people. This way when you call on 1/4, you will have a contact and you can call their direct numbers.

    When I called it honestly took me over 2 hours to get thru, maybe almost 3, I can't remember exactly...basically be patient! Once you get thru they will schedule an interview date. They will schedule the HESI exam and you can't get into cohort until the tests are done.

    Try not to stress too much! I know that's easier said than done, I was so stressed about it. Maybe if you have a friend with you calling in for you too, then you'd have double the chances of getting thru! ;-)
  7. by   laurenz
    Thank you so much!! Do you by chance have their email addresses? Someone already didn't email me back, I want to make sure I contact the right people! What cohort were you in?
  8. by   RNtwoBE
    I start in January, the same day you call in actually! ;-)

    I don't know how they divvy them up, just call the main number and see if one of them is available and then they'll assign you to them. That's what I did...I just had some questions and Kelly was available so when I called in they asked if I had spoken to someone before so they gave me her direct dial to call on the 4th.
  9. by   laurenz
    Thank you so much! You have been incredibly helpful! I called and got to leave a message for Kelly! Thanks!!
  10. by   jbeddow
    Hello all,

    I was just wondering if there are any people going to metro state next year, starting January 2010 for their accelerated Nursing program.

    I just thought it would be fun to get in touch with people and get to know one another.

  11. by   jbeddow
    Anyone going to Metro for January 2010?

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  12. by   One1
    I have been accepted to Metro as well, I am waiting to hear from another school and should know soon if I will go or not. Congrats on being accepted!
  13. by   jbeddow
    Congrats to you too! Keep me updated and good luck with those whole process. Maybe we can chat more once you figure out what you are doing.