Great new bonus offer in Denver

  1. I work at a facility in Denver that's going to announce an excellent new sign-on bonus, $10,000. I should have all the details this week. Please PM me if interested in hearing about it more.
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  3. by   Clipping
    I cant get the pm to work..... so I replied instead. I am not looking to move until Dec/Jan but Denver is one of three cities that I have narrowed the list down to and really the pay will and benefits will be the deciding factor because all three towns are similar. So if you dont mind PMing me I would appreciate it.
  4. by   hope3456
    Are they offering this bonus to 'new grads' or to those with limited experience?
  5. by   Atl_John
    What is the pay like there in Denver for New Grads?
  6. by   lolababy
    Quote from JMinCO
    I work at a facility in Denver that's going to announce an excellent new sign-on bonus, $10,000. I should have all the details this week. Please PM me if interested in hearing about it more.
    Hi there, i am very interested to know more aboutthis offer , so keep me posted.
  7. by   JMinCO
    Atl john,
    The pay from what I hear from travelers is less than the rest of the West but most consider it because of all Co has to offer for quality of lifestyle. New grads are currently around $21 but everybody is negotiable and willing to pay for years experience as any medical support (LPN, MA, EMT, CNA, etc). They do have a great New Grad program at this facility. PM me if you want detailed info.
  8. by   JMinCO
    See my PM
  9. by   purple_rose_3
    What is the point of keeping all of this private on a public forum?
  10. by   suzanne4
    And just a word of advice:

    When you get bonuses like this, you are not going to see much more than 1/2 to 2/3 of it as it is taxed much heavier than earned income. So do not think that you will get all of it in your pocket.
  11. by   CraigB-RN
    Actually the tax rate will depend on how they disperse the money. In most places it's paid over a period of time and at least on my W-2 there was no indication of the money being anything other than income. No extra tax or anything. Income is income.

    My first thought was that the PM stuff meant the post was a cover for a nruse recruiter. But then again, I'm a cynic. It it was anything else they would post the hospital and more info.
  12. by   suzanne4
    They do not pay it as income, it is usually in the form of a separate check and the taxes are taken directly out of it before you even get to see it. You never see it on your same paycheck that you get for earned income.

    And income is not earned income always. Non-earned income is what bonuses are, they are not earned.

    That is why in the world of travel nursing it is always better to get the bonus that some agencies pay calculated into your actual hourly pay, otherwise you get taxed at a higher rate on it. Same thing if you get a bonus for Christmas from your employer, it is taxed at a higher rate. Does not matter what is on your W-2 at the end of the year, but what they take out before you get the actual money.

    Even if it is paid out over time, you are still taxed at the higher rate on it. And if paid out over time, and it can be a couple of years, then there is no guarantee that the nurse will even be there that length of time. Have seen it too many times, just like the facility in Texas that pays $50,000 bouns.
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  13. by   JMinCO
    Hi all, Just thought I'd clarify for you on some of these issues.
    -Yes, this is a "Bonus" which means it will be taxed at the 40% rate. Yes, that means you'll net 6K in the end. However, if you're good with your taxes you'll have a nice return in Feb.
    -No, I am not a recruiter. I'm an RN at this hospital.
    -The reasons for the PM is honestly because if I just posted the information on the fourm without explaining the procedure and establishing a connection with you then you could easily just go and persue this on your own and I would not be able to benefit from sharing this info. I'm also willing to provide a lot of insider info and I don't want any ill will at work from posting on a public fourm.
    -I'm sorry if this upsets you, if so please ignore this thread.
  14. by   CraigB-RN
    Still think it borders on paranoia a little. It's still easy to find out those kind of bonuses on your own. But most definitly, get any referal you can. I def understand that, I'd be trying to get any referal bonuses I could also. A couple of phone calls would get someone the same information, though. But for the most part people are way to lazy to put in that kind of work. I don't find the post offensive at all. I just see to much stuff that isn't on the up and up here.

    Personally I think bonuses are a con job. I've had to many times were once your there, they look for reasons to limit

    Again from experience, it all depends on how it's payed out. Yes those lump sum bonus check can hurt at tax time. One of the reasons for a good accountant and not just using turbo tax to do your own. But again, if you take it dispursed over a year or two, it realy isn't felt. When i acept a bonus, I take it as "Moving Expenses" However, that's the realm of real experts, not arm chair experts, I pay an accountant to take care of all that stuff for me. Even fills out my w-4's for me to turn in. Any time your talking about a big chunk of cash, it's always best to seek out an accountant, for the best, most acurate information, to make sure that the most $$$ ends up in your pocket. Getting your information here, is always a risk. Each state is different, and the federal reguations are just way to complicated. And you though Medicare rules didn't make sense.

    So JM, good luck, hope you end up with some good new coworkers and possibly a little cash in your pocket also.. I miss Denver. Only been gone a litttle over a month and I"m ready to head back.

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