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  1. Hello Everyone, I am canadian RN hoping to relocate to USA in the near future. I would welcome some feedbacks from those of you who have pass through the process. What are your thoughts in terms of: wages working conditions expectations vs realities opportunities for advancements recommendations in terms of good cities/ hospitals How to apply for job website or job fair any word of wisdom you might have for us. any information regarding the relocation process would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and knowledge.
  2. lolababy

    Great new bonus offer in Denver

    Hi there, i am very interested to know more aboutthis offer , so keep me posted. Thanks
  3. lolababy

    Nursing as a Career in Canada (Calgary, AB)

    i am bumping this discussion to appreciate you Janfrn for your incredible knowlege and for sharing your knowledge. You have been so much helpful in a lot of way. You always provide thorough and detailed information. Keep up the good job. Love ya.
  4. lolababy

    Staffing Pool

    Thank you very much for your detailed and prompt reply.
  5. lolababy

    Staffing Pool

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can explain what staffing float pool is in the Hospital and how it works. Also, i would like to know if it is a good area (as in learning environment) for new graduate. Thank you all for your response
  6. lolababy

    North Carolina Roll Call

    Hello Karsa, My name is lolababy, howa re you doing How are you coping with new environment. I live in Toronro Canada and i am interested to relocate to US next year by God's Grace. I would like some information on NC and Hospitals and the processing ideas. You can private Mailing me. Thanks Good Luck
  7. lolababy

    Canadian nurses in the US

    Hello Clarices, How are you doing. i am new to this forum , i joined last month. i came across your posting although I know your mail is old thread but i am a new grad and i am planning to move to Texas. I would be very grateful to know your recommendation on Hospitals in Texas area based on your experience. And also i would like to know the hospital you work for and changes you know from your old post. Any info you can give will be very appreciated. Thankss
  8. lolababy

    Occupational Health Nurse

    Hi everyone, Please i would like some information on how to become an occupation health Nurse, as well as schools that offers the program in Canada. I have a BScN degree. Any infor regarding this will be appreciated Thanks
  9. lolababy

    Feb 2007 CRNE Result

    I am surprise, what province did you have your exam because i know the result of October 11 2006 exam came out last week of November 2006 for everyone in Toronto. The result of June 7 exam came out 3rd week in August. And i understand that the only different in receiving time is mailing time and cannot be more that 3 business days interval. Thans for your response
  10. lolababy

    Where are you from?

    Hi, From Toronto Canada. BScN from Seneca College/York University 2006. Currently working on Medical unit. I am planning to pursue my Master program in either Public health or health administration etc if anyone can recommend a good university with distance education. It is nice to read from all of you. Stay blessed:monkeydance:
  11. lolababy

    Naturopathic Medicine

    Hello Everyone, Please i would like to have some insight about career in Naturopathic Medicine(Naturopathic Doctors). Such as trainning and education needed,how long it take to finish, venues for practice and salary ranges as well as future prospects of Naturopathic as a career. Your detailed information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the info
  12. lolababy

    Need some advice

    Hi there, I think either way you are going to spend 5 years at school. Now you are in second semester (one year) plus 4 years of BscN or Finish RPN(2 Years) plus three years of bridging program. My suggesstion would be to finish the RPN first and do the bridging program later, with this you will be able to work as RPN anytime you need some cash and also your experience as RPN will help you a lot during briding program Clinical Practices. I hope this helps.
  13. lolababy

    Feb 2007 CRNE Result

    Hello everyone, i am just wondering if anyone knows when the Feb 2007 CRNE result will be out. i was told that only June Exams took two months to get marked. Those people that wrote in October got thier result in November ending. Please let me know if you have any clue. The waiting period is very frustrating. thank you
  14. lolababy

    Introduction And Greetings

    Hello all, My name is lolababy. This message is to introduce myself as a new user on this site. I have known this site for the past six months and i love all the postings and information i have been reading so far. Today i decided to be part of you guys. Thank you all for you effort and continous relevant infos.