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  1. Clipping

    Ativan IM?

    I would make it your practice that whenever you have a serious question about medication consult a book/other verified source. I know its not a big deal in this scenario but if you get in the habit of trusting other people and not finding verified sources you may regret it in the future...
  2. I was wondering if any hospitals in the Salt Lake area pays extra if you forgo benefits. I know at the place I work currently in a different state pays an extra $12/hour if you forgo benefits. Thanks in advance
  3. Clipping

    Where to move? HELP!

    My situation is this. I am an RN in the ER and my wife's job agreed to let her work "remotely", which essentially means that we can move anywhere. We would like to move somewhere that we can rack up. Basically low cost of living but higher nursing wages. One requirement is that in be in an area that has a lot to do outside. We are both avid outdoor folks. Obviously California jumps out as a place to look but we would rather not move to a huge town in Cali. Any suggestions of towns in California or other places? I am looking at a few hospitals on the California side of Lake Tahoe area. Also a few places in random rural town in cali. We are open to moving anywhere that meets some pretty broad criteria. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Clipping

    Pay in Easter Sierra area

    Specifically Bishop for an RN with experience. Any information would be appreciated.
  5. Clipping

    Probably Paranoid, but....

    How did you think you contracted Hep C? This question goes to show how little folks know about things like Hep C and HIV.... .just fear fear fear......... You are fine but let it be a lesson that you should treat EVERY SINGLE PATIENT as if they had HEP C and HIV!!
  6. Clipping

    drug testing in school

    In all my days I have only been drug tested when I applied for a job. Not a single random test otherwise. I do not think that there should be more drug testing unless a problem is noted. It is not very easy to get away with being an addict for very long in a hospital setting and it is all but impossible to actually steal drugs unless protocol is not being followed. I think it would be silly to drug test students more often...
  7. Clipping

    Do Nurses STILL want to marry Doctors?

    are you serious? I am an RN but both of my brothers and my sister are all physicians. NONE of them take call. All of them make over $450,000/year. None of them were ever married before their current marriage. I don't get why nurses still like to bash Doctors.
  8. Clipping

    Family members that work your nerves!!!

    before I read your post I knew it was going to be a family member that had some sort of medical background... alas I was right. What the family member did could very likely have his license taken away if he is in fact a licensed nurse. I would have politely asked him to step out of the room and in the presence of my manager, charge nurse, or other available nurse I would have very plainly pointed out that he does not have authority to care for this patient as a nurse and doing so puts everyone in the situation at risk for disciplinary action. That type of behavior CANNOT continue. I would fill out an incident report and make sure your manager knows....
  9. Clipping

    Don't like to say I'm an RN. Long...

    welcome to life. If you really want to just end it once and for all just say that you realize the wealth of knowledge that the nurses around you offer and that you are honored to work with them. However, the state that you work in and apparantly your employer view your qualifications as different and legally they are different. Thus your roll is going to be different from theirs. Not better. Not worse. Different. You didn't make the system you are simply a part of it..... This is common and is a big reason some new nurses get burn out pretty quickly. I have seen Techs speak down to new graduates because they felt like they had been at the hospital longer or blah blah blah. Confidence and fair handedness go a long way in situations like the present situation. Stay above the fray, vent to NOBODY at work about this, don't dwell on it as this too shall pass. Humans in general don't like to feel like we are less than others around us. Its natural for them to put you down to pick themselves up. It likely will not last long and you may gain a lot of respect by being more mature than it seems your coworkers are....
  10. Clipping

    Skills Nurses Must Acquire To Get The Job They Wanted

    Hiring folks is an inexact science but my motto is that I can or a mentor can teach a "skill". Time management, attitude, interpersonal skills, communication skills and things like that are MUCH harder to teach for the most part and do not have a fast learning curve. So I would say that a good amount of folks that do hiring would agree with that statement but I could be wrong. That is coming from an ED background if that helps at all.....
  11. Clipping

    Retire by 30, thanks nursing!

    what if you die? Plus you math does not add up. I would not retire at the age of 60 unless I had a MINIMUM of 1.5million in either cash or investments. Live your life.
  12. Clipping

    Chattanooga Hospitals' question?

    thanks for the info. but to be clear my wife isnt a nurse. I am..... what are the shift diffs like at Erlanger for nights and weekends?
  13. Clipping

    Chattanooga Hospitals' question?

    My wife just accepted a new job in Chattanooga. A few questions. 1: If I understand correctly Parkridge, Erlanger and Memorial are the big 3. What are the pluses and minuses of each? Pay/benefits for each? 2: If my wife is working downtown and we would both like to live pretty close to work where is the best place for us to live and still have a yard in a decent neighborhood? thanks in advance.
  14. Clipping

    Is it true that a BSN will be mandatory soon?

    There is not a nursing shortage in terms of people who are educated in the field of nursing. There IS a nursing shortage in terms of people practicing. One of these factors is stagnant wages. One way to fix that is to make it mandatory that an RN have a BSN and possibly leave diploma and associate programs to cover LPNs and such. The wages for LPNs would not drop and the wages for RNs would raise considerably. I think its a great idea for a myriad of reasons... one being that studies have shown there is a difference in care, which should be everyones concern. Now dont get your panties in a wad. Ofcourse this doesnt mean every BSN is better than every ASN. But we do like evidenced based practice no? That goes on trends and is dictated by large data sets not individuals. It may not have to be mandated though... if you look at the trends since the 1980s the shift has already begun. Over 1/2 of nurses in 1980 were diploma prepared. By 1996 it had dropped to 24%. To the contrary in 1980 22% held a BSN and by 1996 31% did... associates degrees increased the most which makes sense. ASN went from 18% to 36%. Here is what the AACN has to say about it for what its worth.... "A recent report by the National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice, an advisory body to the federal Division of Nursing, urged that at least two-thirds of the basic registered nurse workforce hold baccalaureate or higher degrees in nursing by 2010. 4 Presently, only about 40 percent do." and this nuggett of information may be useful as well.... "Many hospitals not already requiring the Bachelor's of Science degree in nursing have established "BSN-preferred" policies for new hires. For example, the Veteran's Administration, the nation's largest employer of registered nurses, has established the baccalaureate degree as the minimum preparation its nurses must have for promotion beyond entry-level beginning in 2005, and has committed $50 million over the next five years to help VA nurses obtain baccalaureate or higher nursing degrees"
  15. I think that no matter how good care is once you get to a hospital or clinic one has to take care of themself first. People act like it is a bad thing that we in the US live three years less than many western industrialized nations. Are you kidding? The fact that we are even close is a miracle. NO society has EVER lived longer with less regard for their health than the modern day american. Basically I would like to see a system that rewarded people taking some self responsiblity. There would also be automatic disqualifiers for people once they got treatment. For instance I have no problem with a system that pays for someones lung cancer treatment if that person is not a smoker. However if that person is a smoker than tough. Also if a person has diabetes from lifestyle I see NO reason to help than other than maybe paying for a gym membership and a consultation with a nutritionist. So I would like to see more free resources on the front end with rewards for people that make positive strides. For instance if an obese person lost 150lbs but still needed help controlling their BP or BS I have no problem with the government footing that bill. But as a person that gives up all sorts of fun stuff to stay in excellent shape I have a problem with just saying treat your body as poorly as you would like and we can try and salvage what is left when you come and see us.... that will backfire big time. The population of the US is more than many of these other countries combined. If you think socialized medicine is a great thing also take a look at dialysis treatment. That is actually a small part of socialized medicine in the US that has cost far more than anyone ever expected.