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  1. Hi,
    I am new here and am trying to get into nursing school in Colorado, however the wait lists here are crazy!!! I am looking into Concorde Career Institutes (they have no wait), ADN program. I wanted to know if this is a reputable program, and will it be looked at highly by employers?? Please help, my other option is Denver School of Nursing but they dont offer any student aid
    Thanks in advance for your help!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site, Jennifer. I moved your post to the Colorado Forum for more responses. Good luck to you.
  4. by   tsalagicara

    I'm curious about this too, as I am also looking into Concorde Career Institute. Basically, I am trying to find the best program for me with the shortest wait to get in. It seems to be harder squeezing blood from a turnip! I'm looking into LPN programs. Anyone have any ideas? Help!
  5. by   theFretfulStudent
    I would never recommend the RN program. It is a joke and we are all extremely frustrated. I would quit if I had not already spent so much money. It is terrible. I am currently in the Med Surg class and nearly all of us are failing and there are no resources to help us. But, the LPN program is GREAT!! I highly recommend it ( I was in that program for 3 sessions). It is the perfect amount of time and the teachers are great!
  6. by   tsalagicara
    Thanks so much for replying. I'm really thinking about starting Concorde's LPN program, but of course I want to make sure it is the best decision for me before I drop $26,000 on the program. The good thing is, the tuition includes everything. Anyone out there in Concorde's LPN program right now? If so, how is it going?
  7. by   GizmosMom
    Hi, all. I'm a newbie here and am also looking at Concorde's LPN program. I have an appointment to talk to them next week. They told me there's a class starting April 21. I gather it's $26,000 for the 12-month LPN program and you have to take the NET? Like tsalagicara, I'd be interested to hear anything about Concorde's LPN program, especially people attending now.

    Thanks in advance
  8. by   GizmosMom
    I'm going to Concorde (Aurora) on Wednesday to talk to them about their LPN program. I know the Biggie: They want money! However, given the wait list in Colorado for getting into any kind of program and my "mature" years, I think it's worth my while to talk to them and see if it can possibly work for me.

    Any suggestions on questions I should ask them? I've already started a list.

    Anyone know any details about their RN program? Pre-reqs and things like that?

    Once again, thanks in advance
  9. by   theFretfulStudent
    There are no pre req's for the RN program but you have to get a competitive score on the NET test, the highest scores are placed in the program. Again, I would NOT recommend the RN program. It's currently a nightmare.
  10. by   tsalagicara
    I will be going to Concorde soon to take the N.E.T. I intended to go on Friday, and then woke up sick -- and found out today that I have strep throat, of all things. Joy! Soon, I will go. I feel the same way about the waitlists... to me it's pretty much worth the price of private colleges to avoid a 3-5 year wait. :spin:
  11. by   GizmosMom
    Thanks for your input, Fretfel and tsala - I'll see what happens tomorrow.
  12. by   Satori77
    I really want to know what happens as well. I have been looking into this school, but am unsure about it. I love how there is now waitlist and you don't need pre-reqs....but what is this N.E.T. test you have to take first? What type of questions are one it? And what about financing? That is probably my biggest issue, finding the money for it. Do they have payment plans as well as financial aid?? Once you get your LPN, where can you go to get your RN? I heard that Platt you cannot go on with your degree, which is a big turn-off for me, since I want to get an MSN eventually. But it is too bad, Platt is very close and convenient to me. Concorde isn't that far either.

    DSON is much farther away, and I really don't want to drive into denver every day. Plus, you need prereqs first. I am looking into other LPN programs, since it might be faster to go that route and start working. I would be making much more as an LPN than I do now, with a more flexible schedule. Emily Griffith looks good, though I am not sure where it is. Pickens Tech too, but there pass rates are pretty low and that scares me. So please let me know what happens, and maybe I will set up a time to meet with them as well.
  13. by   Satori77
    Oh, couple of things....what are the days and hours for classes? Do they offer night classes, or only during the daytime. And what about clinicals? Can it be any shift? Do they have clinical sites just around Denver? And how long is the program? Thanks again.
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  14. by   GizmosMom
    Oh, couple of things....what are the days and hours for classes? Do they offer night classes, or only during the daytime. And what about clinicals? Can it be any shift? Do they have clinical sites just around Denver? And how long is the program? Thanks again.
    I asked Concorde about the LPN program and a bit about the MA program (medical assistant). Would like to know more about the RN program. I believe it's only been in place for one year. So . . . 8-3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, for the first 2 terms. There are 5, 10-week terms. LPN program starts every 3 months. Clinicals start the third term and can be ALL OVER the metro area and I think any shift. No LPN classes during the evening. You talk to the financial aid person who can give you a rough idea of what grants and loans you'd qualify for. If there's anything not covered by a loan, you'd have to come up with the rest of the money somehow (through another loan or something like that) and pay by the time you start. You take a 12 minute Wonderlic test which is no biggie.

    Hope this helps.

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