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okay here goes,

I am currently enrolled in a CNA training course that begins in July at a tech college 40miles away. Today, I open the Sunday paper and lo and behold, the local hospital is offering free CNA training if you agree to work for them, I really want to do this as it would save me about $200 and also massive wear and tear on my car. I would also be eligible for tuition reimbursement after a year of working there. My only question is, what are the average pay rates for CNAs? My current job pays about $12 an hour and I could possibly go to working part time while I am doing the CNA hospital training. I live in Kentucky and I know at this hospital they are currently paying $18-$20 for RNs, how much lower should I expect the CNA pay rate to be? (alot, I know :rolleyes: )

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Well here in my part of Michigan CNA's make about $8 an hour. LPN's about $14 and hour and RN's about $17. :)


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Hi AngelaC1978,

It really depends on your area and what type of facility you work in. I am also looking at becoming a CNA and I believe that most CNA's in my area that work in nursing homes make between $8-10 an hour. LPN's average $12-14 and RN's are onward upward. It is a lot less than what I make know but I truly feel that the training will be invaluable as I continue through school to become an RN.

Also, in my area most facilities that offer free CNA training have you work part-time while you do your training and then once you pass you may work full-time. Look into this further as this may be the case with the hospital you are looking at and you may not have to go part-time at your current job or even have the option to do so.

Good luck


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I live in Southern IN and the average pay here is around 8-9$ for cna. Have you tried looking into Nursing Homes? All the Nursing Homes around here will give you the cna class, train you on the floor for FREE. You of course have to work for them until you become certified but after that there are no rules that you have to stay. Usually takes about 3months to take your classes and then work the 75 hours needed to take the test. Who knows you might like it:D Alot of the cnas I work with came to the Nursing Home only to be certified so they could go elsewhere, but they end up loving it. Best of Luck, Hope this helps SassyNurse


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Here in New Mexico Cna's make $8-10 an hour (with all the hours you want).

Lpn's make $18-20 and Rn's make $20+ (They get all the hours they want too)

Keeps the frijoles on the table.



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Here in the south, starting CNA pay is $6.00-$7.00


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My "lucky break" in life is when I was hired, after CNA school, by the best hospital in Portland Oregon. $10./ hour, regular, full time, full bennies, ride bicycle to hospital(s), float pool when census is low, learn new tricks hand over fist. Oh- I was also accepted to nursing school at Portland Community College...Class 0f 2004.

They gotta pay you decent because you work with humans. The hospital will have the pay rates posted. Your doing the right thing :-)


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Here in Massachusetts north of Boston & southern new hampshire I make $13 for being an CNA with no benifits . I just finished interviewing for an RN job and the average pay for a new graduate is $21 plus shift differentions (spelling?)


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From what I have observed, CNA's make about 1/3 what base for RN's is, that is in my area of Neb/Ia. Good luck, I hope you find nursing wonderful. :kiss


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well I called my friend who works at the hospital that is offering this CNA course and she was able to dig and get some more info for me. The class lasts about 3 weeks, you get paid while taking the class, but don't actually go on the floor until the class is completed. She said they are begging for CNAs so I would pretty much have my choice of shift and department. If you work full time, you qualify for benefits and after a year, you qualify for tuition reimbursement (which is what I really interested in). My friend said that most of the people who take the class quit as soon as they get their cert and that the hospital is thinking of requiring that students sign on to work a certain period of time. This doesn't bother me a bit as I would really like to work weekends as a CNA and work 4 hour shifts at my current job during the week. Won't be able to keep that up once I am back in school though. not as young as I used to be, hehe.

Thanks everyone for your replies.

Oh and my friend found out that once I get my cert, I get a $1 raise, she couldn't find out the starting pay though. Wish me luck, open interviews are next Thursday.

I'm in Pa..most places here won't hire you unless you're already certified (in central Pa, anyway). I got a job at a local hospital that just requires that you've taken the class & done well. I get around $8/hr. I've always wanted to work in a hospital, & for me, the physical workload is easier for me, & I greatly appreciate the RN"s & LPN's that are there to lend a hand, if asked. :D The nursing homes that offer the training free require at least a yr employment after being certified. I took my class at a tech school near me, & I can be reimbursed for the cost from work after so may days there.


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Hi Angelac,

I live about 90 miles from Bowling Green, Ky. I have been an RN for 2 years now, (Graduated from WKU). I worked as a nursing assistant for a few months while finishing my last semester of Nursing School in the same hospital where I now work as an RN. I'm sad to say, that as an NA I only made $7 an hour. CNAs may make a little more, I'm not sure. I know a lot of hospitals, including the one I work in will help cover the cost of further education, such as going to nursing school, if you work at least parttime at their facility. Hope this helped.:)


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