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I was wanting ot know if anyone could tell me how the CNA state exam goes I am trying to get in to a LPN program but I already took the CNA training so I was thinking about trying the exam so I can work and make some extra money for school and stuff so I was wanting to know like how they do the test and how do they pick the skills that you have to preform?


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Everyone gets 5 skills. Handwashing and Vitals, everyone gets. Then the other 3 are randomly selected, and stay the same for about 3 months.

The written exam is 75 questions and you can miss like 20 and still pass.

When I took my exam (6 years ago) you went to the testing facility, filled out paperwork and started the written exam. While you were taking the written part they would call 2 people back at a time for the skills exam. Neither part was a hard as I expected it to be. Just study the basics (introduce yourself, explain proecdure, and RAISE and LOWER bed rails. They are really strict about the bed rails!!) Hopefully you'll do fine. Good Luck!!


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Also I took my exam in Paducah, depending on your area things might be a little different.


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I thought the exam was relatively easy. There are 5 skills ( you have to pass the critical points-the starred ones on the list). You also have a written test. You have to get 70% on it to pass. The questions are pretty common sense really.


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My teacher said they change the skills list every month. How could I find out who has alresdy took the CNA test and find at what all 5 skills are.


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Finding out hte skills beforehand is cheating. Not a good way to start you career. Anyway, the test si super-easy. Just practice your skills and you'll be fine. The people who fail are the ones who never practice the skills.

Also, the instructors sort of guide you. Like they'll say "is there anything you'd do differently?" As long as you identify your mistake you'll pass.

While performing oral care on the unconscious pt. I held open the pt.'s mouth with my finger, not a tongue depressor :smackingf

I think it would be worth your time to get certified and get a job in a hospital. The experiences I've had at work have been invaluable in helping me during nursing school (esp. during clinicals).

Good luck!

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