Ultimate Goal. CNA, LPN, RN ?

  1. Kinda wish I had premium membership now that I want to start a poll. But since starting my training, our instructors always address as if we all are continuing further into nursing careers. They always say, "you'll do this when you become an LPN/RN later" I guess most people do continue further and by the fact that this thread is in the "nursing student" section I'm guess that even here that is the case. But I was wondering how many of you are actually continuing your education, are in school, and what you ultimately want to do or be and how many of you are perfectly happy as a CNA and would like to remain one for a while. Just curious! Thanks guys!
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  3. by   PBAJS
    Where I work, 80 bed LTC facility, I think there is only one CNA in a nursing program. We have our share of new CNAs that stay a few weeks to a couple of years; some have been there more than 5 years; the majority of the CNAs have been there more than 10 years; there are several that have worked there more than 20 years.

    Off topic, but I want to say ... In 2003 I found this website, early 2004 I became a member (there was no separate forum for us, although there were many past posts either looking for a forum or requesting a forum.) Late 2004 I became a premium member to help support this site and hoping that a Nurse Aide/Nursing Assistant forum would be created (No area for us was created so I didn't renew my premium membership.). Don't remember when but I find that in July 2006 - Nursing Student Forums - CNA Nursing Assistant Discussions had been created.

    I was disappointed to see this area for us under Nursing Student Forums. Upon completion of our NA training we are no longer a student. We are, depending on where we work, a nurse aide, nursing assistant, patient care attendant, patient care technician, etc. (My two cents: I think Nurse Aide/Nursing Assistant Discussions would have been better placed at the Various Nursing Topic Forums.)

  4. by   RNfaster
    I plan on going for my ADN >> BSN to RN >> CRNA... That's going to take me a good number of years --I am guessing at least seven!
    Hmm...in my class, I'm the only one planning on pursuing an RN. The rest of the folks are just planning on becoming a CNA.
  5. by   ann945n
    Im working on my BSN right now, class of 2008, i became a cna to become an RN and better my chances at getting into school, i didnt know at the time how much i would love it and i bet i would have stuck with it longer if it would actually pay the bills
  6. by   rlsmdb
    There are a lot of people who work as a CNA while attending nursing school (I'm one of them), but there are also a lot of people who make being a CNA their career. I work with several CNAs who have made it their career and love it.

    I am perfectly happy as a CNA, but for me, I don't want to stop here. My ultimate goal is to become an LPN, and I am starting LPN school in the fall.
  7. by   pjgarrett1388
    I like being a CNA and taking care of the residents, but my ultimate goal is to get my ADN and then go on to get my BSN!
  8. by   jazz404
    I'm a career changer with no background in health care. I'm also planning on going the RN >> BSN route, but after all the encouragement/info I've found on this site and elsewhere, I've decided to take STNA classes in March. I figure I'll have a solid year to work and gain experience in a hospital or LTC setting and maybe find an employer to assist with nursing school tuition. If not, then hopefully I can still pull some part-time during nursing school. Now that I've finally overcome my fear of potential poverty for the next 3+ years, I can't wait to get started!
  9. by   aerorunner80
    CNA is simply a stepping stone for me. My ultimate goal is to become a NP. I am a nursing student right now working on my ADN. Then of course I'll get my BSN then my NP.:smiletea:
  10. by   feltdog
    Yep. Same here. I am currently in CNA school, next stop, RN, then BSN. If everything goes as planned (it never does, however it's all in God's hands anyway), my final destination will be NP school.
  11. by   Ready2BRN
    My ultimate goal is to obtain my RN BSN. I'm finishing up my CNA training now and will take the state test soon. I wanted to gain some experience prior to going into nursing school. I just started my pre-reqs so I have a long way to go.......wish me luck:roll
  12. by   arpeggiated
    Yep, I want to be an RN eventually too. The hospital I work for will help pay tuition, and in the meantime I'm getting great experience.
  13. by   missi30
    Presently, I'm in CNA school and my ultimate goal is RN BSN. However, my next stop is LPN school (quicker to get into than RN school).
  14. by   CardiacButterfly
    i am a cna and have worked in a ltc facility but quit to continue my education i am starting lpn program in april than i will go into the rn program and later become a cde