To those of you who have child care

  1. Hi all,

    I'm in a situation right now that I can't start working until I figure out what to do with my kids. I'm a new CNA, passing my state test about 2 weeks ago, which means I won't be getting rich anytime soon. My husband has a good job so government assistance for daycare is out of the picture. The hospital I plan on working at has daycare, but it is still too expensive. My husband works 4-midnight and often works 12 hour shifts that causes him to usually work 4p-4a. I'm working on asking family to see if we can work something out that way.

    I was wondering how strict the working hours usually are at the hospital and if they can be adjusted. (That's wishful thinking though!)

    I am hoping you guys could post about what you do with your kids and how your schedule works. Maybe reading your posts would give me some ideas I hadn't thought of before. I worked too hard for my certification to just sit with it at home. I'm afraid if I wait too long I will start forgetting things that I learned in class.

    My girls are 6 (in kindergarten and getting out on summer break soon) and 2.

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Actually, I have my 2 y/o grandson frequently for weekends so his Mom can work - she's a CNA. What about doing doubles on the weekend while someone takes the kids for the weekend? We have done this for over 2 years and it works well. The other grandmother has him the other weekends or if I work a weekend.
  4. by   Equinox_93
    TraumaRUs- That's got to be great having family so close by. I grew up in a mining town and DH is a computer geek, so we had to move where the jobs were. *sigh*

    Dondie- One thing that you could try is posting an ad on Craigslist for someone to share childcare with. I'll bet you aren't the only mom in the area who's in your position... If you can find someone you're compatible with, you both may benefit greatly.... Good luck!
  5. by   kendra1978
    I am in your situation as well, and I think I am going to try and just work weekends. I have no family really other than my husband and in-laws but they work and are busy, so weekends seem to be my best bet.
  6. by   srkerk
    Hi Dondie!

    I am working nights, 3 twelve hour shifts. Picks Emma up from daycare at night and a baby sitter will come and watch her for an hour until I get home because he leaves before I get home. The first week of June is when I start nightshift. Hopefully you can have something figured out soon. For 3 days of daycare we pay $183 for a 10 month old. It will go down when she starts walking, but it is sick how much they charge.
  7. by   fuzzywuzzy
    ^and they don't pay well either. My friend is a childcare worker/preschool teacher and she gets paid a lot less than I do.
  8. by   dedream
    I work 7-3 and my husband does the 3-11 shift so we cover each other but....when I worked overnights12-8 and dh worked 7-3 he would drop the kids off at the Volunteers of America site and they charged on a sliding scale or they based it on ur income. The kids would stay for the hour that it takes for my commute and I would pick them up by 9am. I got charged 2 dollars and hour so it worked out or me. Check out your local VOA or salvation army. I've heard some of my co-workers talk about applying for child care vouchers for child care centers not sure how it works though. Good luck!
  9. by   texastaz
    My daughter is in the same situation. Since there is a need for Nurses there is free child care here in the State of Texas for single mothers. I don't call if fair - but sometimes it cost more to be married.
  10. by   Dorali
    Thanks so much everybody! I will check out the Volunteers of America here to see if they offer child care. A sliding scale would be awesome! The hospital here charges $130/week for my 2 year old and summer break is coming in 2-3 weeks for my kindergartener. Not sure yet how that will work.
    I really do appreciate your input. It has been very helpful!

  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Can you work part-time? Do you have to work right now? Is your husband's income sufficient for you to stay home with the kids?

    I work one day a week seeing patients (I'm a Hospice RN) and am on call every other weekend. We are lucky in that my husband's parents live in the same town on a ranch and can take our son for me if I have to see a patient and my husband is not available (he is private logging contractor).

    I'm not a big fan of day care so I have no advice for you there.

    If you look at how much day care is going to cost and your added income isn't going to add that much into the mix when you subtract the cost of day care, maybe waiting until your kids are both in school would be better.

    But if you want to work - I'd look into part-time.

    Congratulations on becoming a CNA.