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I am currently an STNA finalizing plans for nursing school.

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  1. Equinox_93

    Would you get the vaccine?

    Yeah- regardless of the point that "you can't catch the flu from the vaccine" I ALWAYS have gotten a flu after I get a vaccine, but NEVER get one (so far) when I don't. Odd coincidence- and not saying necessarily that it's FROM the vaccine- but it's enough of a coincidence that I stopped getting the vaccines- mainly because I can't afford to be laid out for a month recovering from sickness every time. (It takes me FOREVER to shake it- I end up with sinus infection after sinus infection after I get sick).
  2. Equinox_93

    Home births 'as safe as hospital'

    ... Or a birth in a smaller more rural area...
  3. Equinox_93

    Home births 'as safe as hospital'

    ... This is true, but on the flip side of that- no one has a crystal ball for the potential risks due to interventions that aren't absolutely essential in a hospital setting either... Hospital births carry their own risks...
  4. Equinox_93

    Not letting my kid go to school

    I think you're grossly overreacting. From reports, Mexico has seen a hundred or so deaths, the US- one. Singular. Death. I think that if this thing mutates and we start seeing more deaths? OK- sure. But right now? I think this is huge over reaction.
  5. Equinox_93

    STNA Training

    That IS weird. I'm in OH and from what I've heard and found- no one will even *talk* to you until you pass your state test as far as employment goes. So if there is a difference, it's not one that seems to be played out in practice....
  6. Equinox_93

    Vacation in Mexico taking kids, school already closed

    ... I might just make a phone call to the school's principal and let them know of the family's plans- and then rather than just closing the whole school after they get back- they can just tell that family that they need to keep thier kid out until medically cleared.
  7. Equinox_93

    Can nurses be forced to work during pandemic

    This flu, yes. However, the concern is that "this flu" is at a high risk of mutation into "another flu" that has a far greater mortality rate. As to child care- most people do have short term back up plans. However- how many people have long term ones in place for the event of school closings, daycare closings, nannies that come down with a serious pandemic illness or are unable to care for ones child due to enforced quarantine etc. etc. etc. How many of us don't live near family members or those who would be home and willing to care for another child? Or who have special needs children who need special care that requires alot more than just calling that nice SAHM down the street to sit for a bit? Yes- everyone should have a backup plan- but this is quite a bit different than the sort of potential back up plans that most people have in place.
  8. Equinox_93

    Can nurses be forced to work during pandemic

    That's awesome... ... assuming it doesn't pick up the anti-viral resistance that alot of flu strains have so far.....
  9. Equinox_93

    Can nurses be forced to work during pandemic

    Most contagious illnesses, yes. And with this current round of H1N1 I'd agree totally. It may be pandemic, but it's not very lethal or problematic. However- would you feel the same if this mutated into a form as lethal as H5N1 with a greater than 50% mortality rate?
  10. Equinox_93

    Mansfield- Med Central?

    Anyone know anything about this place? http://www.medcentral.edu/index.php
  11. Equinox_93

    Health care workers can be drafted during a pandemic

    Good for you- and thank you- from one who doesn't have the option to 'make arrangements' for my family because I *am* the 'arrangements'. (Recognizing in situations like this that daycare/school/etc. will likely be shut down thus ruling out that form of arrangement, and not having family anywhere nearby to pick up that slack.)
  12. Equinox_93

    Would you get the vaccine?

    After the 1976 debacle? I'd wait awhile and see how the vaccine panned out...
  13. The concern isn't so much for THIS round of outbreaks- but if this follows the 1918 pattern, it can come back in another wave after mutating and picking up traits that make it far more lethal. There is a communication gap between what is being said and most people's understanding of virology (including my own as I am no expert) but I do 'get' that this current outbreak isn't really what they're so concerned about *directly*....
  14. Equinox_93

    Will you work during a Pandemic?

    ... If someone signed up to be an EMT or other first responder- then yes- they should have thought of this long before they got into that role. However, not all medical professionals are first responders. Right now, with small children of my own at home- I would be saying no. After my children are grown and on their own- that answer may well change. I think it's reasonable, expected and *right* that people who have a primary responsibility to their own young would forgo undue risk because their children are and should be their first and primary responsibility. However, children don't stay young forever- so that's less a "no" and more of a "not right now".
  15. Equinox_93

    Health care workers can be drafted during a pandemic

    I think they'd be surprised at the volunteer response- or moreso if special training (and subsequent salaries) were offered.
  16. Equinox_93

    Health care workers can be drafted during a pandemic

    Not if travel restrictions/quarantines are in effect...