The reason Why I became a CNA

  1. As I doing care's for one of my resident she asked me Why I became a CNA and i told her
    The reason why I became a CNA is because I saw how my grandmother was cared for in a LTC
    and i want to give my residents the up most care that they deserve and that they are well cared for.

    What are the reasons why you became a CNA?
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  3. by   nurse2b813
    My reply is similar. I want to become a CNA because just a few weeks ago, my mother whom I love sooooo much, was in the hospital for the first time in my lifetime. She bragged on how well she was treated and how young the nurses were, reminding her of me. In the meantime, I knew there was a calling on my life to give care to those in need and so with both accounts, I am following the call so that maybe one day, someone else's mother can brag to them about me.
  4. by   Shirt
    • Required in ordered to join nursing program
    • Pay/Benefits
    • Hours

    Isn't way to path a way for my RN career (once i get it)
  5. by   Kyla.ann
    A way to get somewhat of an income while in NS
    To "test the waters" so to speak
    Because I can't wait to start working with patients.
  6. by   justme01
    1. I am a kind, patient, cheerful person, and I wanted a job that requires that.

    2. I need to support myself, and this is a job I could jump into with no experience. I get to work at least 40 hours a week.

    3. I get so much satisfaction out of caring for others.

    4. I can "check out" nursing and see if it is for me.
  7. by   SuperWes_CNA
    Before becoming a CNA I spent the previous 2 years at home watching after my grandmother while my mother worked. It was an "out of the blue" thought when I deciided I wanted to try the CNA class. Fortunately, I ended up enjoying the class and here I am today 4 years later now working as a Ward Clerk/CNA in our town's hospital. As for going on to become a nurse that is a whole different story but, we'll see what happens . The thought of being a career CNA is also an option for me if I do persue a degree in another field.
  8. by   mizfradd
    1. I am a people person, "never met a stranger."

    2. Love to help people & am empathetic towards their needs.

    3. Get to help nurses & learn from them, but didn't want to be one (way too much responsiblity & besides, this is a 2nd later-life career choice for me.)

    4. Love being around other caring individuals that want to help our fellow humans.

    5. Love to feel I've made a difference in pt.'s & their families that I've helped. (They've made a difference in my life as well.)

    and last, but certainly not least -

    6. I have relatives & friends that are nurses & where else can a person work around coworkers that have the zaniest & most bizarre sense of humor of any profession?!:rckn: :rckn:
  9. by   KimberlyRN89
    Honestly, I never wanted to become a CNA. When I graduated high school in 2007, I had intentions on going to college & becoming a nurse. I goofed off my freshman year, failing a couple of classes and I transferred out of that university. That spring, my favorite uncle passed away from cancer. I suffered from depression and other health conditions. I dropped all of my classes and decided "maybe nursing isn't for me". Spring of 2009, I wasn't enrolled in classes..I just felt like I needed time to really think about where I wanted to go in life. My mom said "why don't you do a CNA class?" I was against it at first. My mom (an RN) said that some of the best nurses she'd worked with started out as CNA's, and even though she did not work as a CNA in college, she said that it would be a good opportunity for me. So I decided to do it. It was only a 4-week course, and if I hated it..I wouldn't lose much but 4 weeks & $1000. But I loved my CNA class! I finished the class with a 96% average & passed my GNA exam on the first try. It took a couple of months to find a job, but eventually I started working at an assisted living facility for people who have alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. I also decided to get back in school. I'm starting nursing school this fall I am truly grateful for all the experiences I've had this last year.. I know they will make me a better nurse for it. Although the pay sucks and most of the time the coworkers do too lol..I know I made a difference..

    Sorry for the long post