new cna student.

  1. Hi, I'm sorta new here, I signed up in october but never did anything with the account. I got my GED last week and just started my 75 hour cna class monday I'm pretty excited, thought I would introduce myself.
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  3. by   Natny23
    Hi and welcome. Congrats on the GED. I don't start my CNA class until fall so you will have to keep me updated on how it goes for you. Again welcome!
  4. by   KimberlyRN89
    welcome & good luck =)
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  7. by   livingman
    Hi, me too. I start school in 6 days!!!! Excited and a little nervous.
  8. by   V9611
    Hi, Welcome! i started school at the end of april...we are all done with our book work and quizes and just started our clinicals last week...Congrats!
  9. by   Dorali
    Congrats on getting your GED! I got my diploma a couple of years after I dropped out of hs so I know that is a great sense of accomplishment!

    Welcome to the forum! We look forward to your future posts!

  10. by   AlexandrAnne
    Congrats on your GED! I got my GED literally RIGHT before I took my CNA classes. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine!
  11. by   www.angel29
    hi shawnieboy, WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS on getting your ged, and in starting cna class, good lick, and keep us posted!!!
  12. by   www.angel29
    i mean good luck!!! damn g1 phone lol!!!
  13. by   lilcajun
    Congrats on the GED! Good luck with the CNA should do fine.