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  1. ohiogyrl

    Training Other People

    I think just leading by example like you said. If she sees you doing it - she'll think it's the norm for that hall. I know cna's who are training always try to do extra stuff that they don't normally do but that's good b/c the trainee doesn't know that. That's how I pick up things anyway...watching ppl do it first.
  2. ohiogyrl

    Anyone going beyond their CNA license??

    Yes I definately want to go A LOT further. It'll be a while but when I get there I'll be set!
  3. Does anyone know anything about this? A friend of mine does this on the side of her hospital job and from what I hear the pay is pretty good. A lot more than I make now . Instead of a middle man (nursing home/ hospital/ agency) it's through the state so it comes directly to you. The only catch from the little I know is you have to pay your own taxes b/c it's not taken out of your check and you have to get your own health insurance. I'm thinking about doing this part time then by the end of the year going full time. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!:D
  4. ohiogyrl

    OHIO CNA's / STNA's

    Hey everybody just noticed this thread was back up. Thanks for the info. I've been working at a nursing for a few months now. started at 10 well 9.98 / hr. yea my feet hurt and im sleepy so im going to bed. you guys know how it is =)
  5. ohiogyrl

    Hovering Family Members

    Oh I know what you mean! They would drive me nuts! Thankfully I don't have any families like that on my assignment but some other aides do on their floor. We have this family who is there bright and early every morning they have a list of what shirt goes with what pants and purse and earrings! They have it posted on this big sign in her room. And you will get chewed out if you screw up an outfit. If there's anything left in her room accidently a piece of paper or towel or whatever I've seen them throw it in her doorway and tell an aid to pick it up it shouldnt be in her mothers room. It's ridculous...you can't change the volume on her tv in the room or move anything! I bet they have a hidden a camera lol And the lady is 101! I for one would feel uncomfortable treating the very people who take care of my mom day in and day out so disrespectful. Especially if she's too old to know whats going on and couldnt remember to tell me. I know for a fact this lady is spoiled to death by her aid even though the family hates her...but I wouldn't even risk it if I was the family.