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  1. ohiogyrl

    Training Other People

    I think just leading by example like you said. If she sees you doing it - she'll think it's the norm for that hall. I know cna's who are training always try to do extra stuff that they don't normally do but that's good b/c the trainee doesn't know that. That's how I pick up things anyway...watching ppl do it first.
  2. ohiogyrl

    Anyone going beyond their CNA license??

    Yes I definately want to go A LOT further. It'll be a while but when I get there I'll be set!
  3. Does anyone know anything about this? A friend of mine does this on the side of her hospital job and from what I hear the pay is pretty good. A lot more than I make now . Instead of a middle man (nursing home/ hospital/ agency) it's through the state so it comes directly to you. The only catch from the little I know is you have to pay your own taxes b/c it's not taken out of your check and you have to get your own health insurance. I'm thinking about doing this part time then by the end of the year going full time. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!:D
  4. ohiogyrl

    OHIO CNA's / STNA's

    Hey everybody just noticed this thread was back up. Thanks for the info. I've been working at a nursing for a few months now. started at 10 well 9.98 / hr. yea my feet hurt and im sleepy so im going to bed. you guys know how it is =)
  5. ohiogyrl

    Hovering Family Members

    Oh I know what you mean! They would drive me nuts! Thankfully I don't have any families like that on my assignment but some other aides do on their floor. We have this family who is there bright and early every morning they have a list of what shirt goes with what pants and purse and earrings! They have it posted on this big sign in her room. And you will get chewed out if you screw up an outfit. If there's anything left in her room accidently a piece of paper or towel or whatever I've seen them throw it in her doorway and tell an aid to pick it up it shouldnt be in her mothers room. It's ridculous...you can't change the volume on her tv in the room or move anything! I bet they have a hidden a camera lol And the lady is 101! I for one would feel uncomfortable treating the very people who take care of my mom day in and day out so disrespectful. Especially if she's too old to know whats going on and couldnt remember to tell me. I know for a fact this lady is spoiled to death by her aid even though the family hates her...but I wouldn't even risk it if I was the family.
  6. ohiogyrl

    STNA Ohio. Where may I work with my cna licence?

    From my experience you can work anywhere as an STNA (state tested nursing assistant) but are limited if you are a cna (you just finished the class but haven't passed the state test) CNA's can work in hhc and assisted living.
  7. ohiogyrl

    What Motivates You to Go to Work Each Day?

    have a steady income and I pretty much like the ppl I work with
  8. ohiogyrl

    is this as impossible as it seems?

    Be willing to work third shift. I just applied...only one month experience in an LTC and got a call back for an interview.
  9. So normally I'm a first shifter (7-3) but yesterday the charge nurse asked me to do a double and come back in for third (11 p -7a). At first I turned her down but then I thought about it and I wanted to try it out. I always wondered what the heck third shifters do anyway. Well I loved it. It is the best shift EVER. As soon as I got there I was like 'what am I supposed to be doing?' they said just do rounds answer lights and then change ppl at midnight / 1ish. I mean seriously I couldn't believe it. By the end of my shift I had half my hall dressed and laying on top of made beds for the first shifters. All I basically had to do was change residents a couple times and answer lights. I don't know what I was expecting but it was a breeze. The only thing is around 3a I started to get very sleepy. I don't think I could do it full time but def. once a week at least. I've heard ppl say third shift is just as hard as first....definately not where I work. I know I've been reading on here lately about a lot of stressed out first shifters....rushing, not being able to really talk to the residents, etc...you may want to try third. Some residents who I never get a chance to even speak to on first are up all night and I was able to sit in their rooms and talk with them and watch a little discovery channel with them too :):):)! Now I see why they sleep all day lol.
  10. I actually applied at the job I have now before I was state tested after I completed the class and they told me I had to be state tested and to write down the date of my test on my application. The day after I took my test they emailed me to see if I passed. It was too early for me to even know but after a few days I found out I passed and we set up an interview. Before that though I actually got a job offer at another LTC they said they would pay for my test and I had two months to pass it and become state tested. So this is true. Good Luck....I would definately get an early start though.
  11. ohiogyrl

    Has anyone regretted their decision on becoming a CNA?

    I don't regret it at all. =)
  12. ohiogyrl

    Having trouble....

    Hey I'm in Dayton! I don't want to say where I work but what I did was look up EVERY nursing home near my house there are tons in Dayton ...you may be surprised. I printed out a resume for each place and had my stna card in case they wanted my reg. # got up early in the morning ..like 8 and got dressed up like an interview and handed my resume in with the application. The job I have now its funny it was my number one choice b/c it's on my street and it seems nice I just walked in applied while I was a cna...the nurse manager saw me applying and asked if I was an stna I told him no - he said when I pass the test to call him ...I wrote down the date I was taking my test on the application and he actually called me the next day after I took it I didn't even know if I passed or not....basically what I'm saying is it helps a whole lot if you go in in person and look professional. A lot of nursing homes don't post open positions online. Good Luck!
  13. ohiogyrl

    harrasment by nurse manager

    Wow I feel sorry for her...she has a tough hall AND this manager is down her back. I feel like nurse managers should treasure aids that have difficult floors ...cause I'm one that will considering quitting in a heart beat if I get an extremely difficult floor. Anyway she should follow the chain of command right now b/c it sounds like this manager may be looking to replace her or at least make her miserable. I would tell her to document everything even the snide remarks the nurse said about her looking goofy etc. and tell the next person in command...might be the don i don't know it depends on her facility.
  14. I was somewhat prepared but my instructor pretty much covered by the book stuff when we did our clinicals we were instructed to do the stuff the na didn't have time to do so like nail care, mouthcare stuff like that. So my clinicals were not like reality AT ALL. I wasn't prepared for the nurses staying on my back though. If it wasn't for that me - personally I would be cool with all of it. The poop, the urine, the rushing....I just don't like the added stress of the nurses who act like they own the place.
  15. Hey Comfortably Numb...I feel you girl. I actually plan on looking for another job in the healthcare industry soon. I love the field but I feel like I NEED AN AID. lol. All the work we have to do and the we get in trouble for the smallest thing. If I don't have all my bed made right after breakfast the nurse is running behind me making my beds (she made 2) like I'm behind...then later on I hear about it. Its close to being impossible. I would like it more if I could catch on...this is my 4th week and it's coming but not soon enough. How much do ppl in dietary make??/ seriously I want to know and I don't want to ask anyone at my job for obvious reasons?? Hopefully I'll have a better day tommorrow. Just for the record I hope I'm not being discouraging for all the prospective cna's ...it is fulfilling just really busy =)
  16. Well I just passed my exam a couple of months ago and now I work in an LTCF. I've worked here for about a month. It is different than I imagined...I thought I would have more time to spend with the residents. But it is kind of like an assembly line. When I first started I would give them all partial bed baths in the am...now it just a quick wipe their face and their private area and change their clothes and diaper. Today I saw two residents crying...I only briefly got to speak with them b/c I was so busy! I never thought that would happened....after speaking with them I think it was depression. I just had to let the nurse know and keep moving. My body aches a WHOLE lot more than I thought it would. Although it is rougher than I originally imagined I still like it a lot more then my office job. I think I may eventually move to a hospital just for the experience and I'm getting beat up with all the hoyer lifts and heavy transfers every morning. Overall I like it...can't wait until I become a nurse though! =)

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