Gagging during the breif change... Help!

  1. I am currently taking my CNA certification course and we have been to the nursing home 3 times so far. I'm getting worried though because everytime we change the brief and there is a #2 in it. I begin gagging from both the smell and the appearance. I really want to be a nurse some day but am worried I won't be able to get over this. Blood, guts and goo don't bother me but the brief def. does. I tried to breath through my mouth rather then my nose but that hasn't helped. Please help me get over this!
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  3. by   LovebugLPN
    If it is the smell you could try rubbing vapor rub under your nose. It will get better though and nobody ever really looks forward to the sight of poop.
  4. by   topher-67
    Try strong breath mints or peppermints in your mouth. We have a small spray bottle of deoderizer that we carry around in our pockets that helps.
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    I used to barf whenever I merely heard someone else do it. And my son, a new CNA himself, used to retch miserably just picking up the dog's little tootsie-roll doots in the hall. Now, a mere three months after taking the training course, he works with residents who have C. diff, and GI bleeds, and infected draining wounds, and can hardly even muster up a gag anymore. If we can get over it, so can you.
  6. by   sonomala
    I agree with the other suggestions. You'll get over it and one day you'll find yourself on a break with your uniform covered in bits of stuff and you'll be eating without thinking about it all. Of course thats also a sad day for some people
  7. by   greeniebean
    Rub one of those alchohol wipes under your nose to help with the smell. The sight thing just gets easier with time. Good Luck
  8. by   dscrn
    A friend who worked as a cna used to spray a bit of her cologne on her shoulders, everyday before going to work,,,that way she could whiff her shoulder, if doing something smelly...
  9. by   nspector
    I use to be the same way, but I have been working as a CNA for 45 days now and I am use to it already, it hardly bothers me at all anymore. I chew juicy fruit gum sometimes.
  10. by   b18c1
    1. get used to it
    2. use the deodorizer spray
    3. wear a mask
  11. by   ~LingLing~
    Quote from b18c1
    1. get used to it
    2. use the deodorizer spray
    3. wear a mask
    I thought we cannot wear a mask because of dignity...that's what I learned in CNA class.
  12. by   53Kalypso
    I imagine that they're babies. Baby poop doesn't seem as gross.
  13. by   fuzzywuzzy
    Quote from b18c1
    use the deodorizer spray
    Now THAT stuff makes me gag... and cough... and sneeze.... and get a headache. I would much rather smell poop for a minute before I flush it or bag it.
  14. by   missmonkey
    Vapo-rub or any other menthol ointment works. My instructor recommended it and my classmates and I never looked back. Just had to second this motion.