1. I really don't know what to do I finished my CNA course on 2/28 & have applied to numerous places, but so far I've heard from no1. I signed up with an agency but they dont have any open cases. I just feel really hopeless & I'm starting to wonder if I made the right decision by taking a semester off from school in order to do this. Yes, I realize its a recession & its effected the healthcare industry but I see CNA jobs out there.They all ask for 1yr experience though. How am I supposed to get experience if no1 will give me a chance?

    Okay I'm done ranting now.
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  3. by   plumpNindy
    I am in the same boat.
    I so so so feel your pain
  4. by   mizfradd
    Keep your chins up, there is a job waiting to be had for you both.

    Try home health agencies, LTC, hospitals, or perhaps even place your
    own ads in the paper or a marketing booklet like found in malls.
    I wish you both great luck and remember, don't give up!!!
  5. by   jr3650sp
    check what companies own the nursing homes and that gives you better job prespective because it will tell how many they have employed and check other web venues like monster or career builder and if you see the job on there be persistent w/ the hr departent @ the job you want. no one wants to give a job to someone who will not go out and pursue the job...
  6. by   dedream
    Quote from plumpNindy
    I am in the same boat.
    I so so so feel your pain
    Me too....... been working for an agency and had been getting work but now it seems like Ive been getting cancelled on the regular. Out of the four days they may give me a week, I may end up with 2. This makes for a measly paycheck. I just attended a job fair this tuesday and it was depressing, stood in line for 3hrs and when we all got in there was all of five tables with employers set up. I was in there all of five minutes:angryfire:angryfire. Im still trying to stay strong but I need a full time job like soon........Im out there on the days that I get cancelled so i dunno.......
  7. by   LPNDebbie
    I also have applied EVERYWHERE with nothing. I have also posted an ad in a local newspaper offering my personal services but no calls. I do not regret getting my CNA Certificate because it opened my eyes to what the nursing field is going to be like (the basics anyway). I am going to attend LPN school hopefully this fall and then get my RN through on-line schooling. Good luck everyone!
  8. by   KimberlyRN89
    Thanks for all the replies! I feel sorta dumb for complaining but it felt good to get off my chest lol. I think what's holding me up is that I'm still waiting for my license to be processed (my state BON says that they're experiencing major delays & to be patient) but hopefully it will be coming soon since I just checked the website for the millionth time & only a couple things now say "pending". Anyways I did have an interview on the spot with one of the ManorCare facilities last Friday & took a urinalysis. But I haven't heard anything since then so I emailed the HR director today. Hopefully she gets back to me Also I think I'll have to expand my job hunt by looking at places in DC or Virginia. So I'm going to apply for endorsement in those places. I guess I just have to be patient! I really would like to work in a hospital though but all of them require 6 mos. experience. I might look into volunteering at one though b/c that is great way to gain experience
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  9. by   jennileigh8182
    Don't despair yet. I turned in tons of applications before I was hired, and discovered that they are just HORRENDOUSLY slow to call to schedule interviews for CNAs. I think I waited at least a month between submitting my resume and getting teh call for an interview. Then, I got hired, and on my second day of work, heard from another place I'd applied. If you're looking at LTC, they just move at a glacial pace for everything.
  10. by   fpma987
    Wow I'm in the same situation as the rest of you. I've been looking and applying and I had a few leads but no actual job. I don't really have any related experience either so it's been tough. I went to a job fair as well, talked to the LTC reps, home health agencies (none of the area hospitals were there) and even MR/DD reps. If you haven't looked into Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities I suggest you do so. They seem to like the nursing assistant certification especially if you apply for direct care positions because it's basically the same thing as a CNA's job duties. Aside from that the people I ran into at the job fair who were also applying for MR/DD positions didn't seem to have the nurse assistant certification or even know what MR/DD was all about, so if it's a similar situation in your area then the NA certification could easily be a big plus for you. plus you'll get the related experiences. Also, have you thought about applying to temp agencies with a medical branch?
    still no call backs for me though but believe me I will be on the horn soon. I'm also starting to volunteer at a local hospital even though I need a job ASAP. I've been looking into temping/retail/sales/restaurants just to have a job. like other people have said keep you chin up. I'm sure you will find something even if it takes awhile. BTW, I finished my class in january and test back in Feb and the place where I took the class finally started hiring for nurse assistants about a couple weeks ago. so just keep at it...
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  11. by   texastaz
    I know many places require experience. When I had completed my CNA class the students that had gotten jobs the fastes had prior medical experience or had used their experience of having cared for a family member in order to get the premium positions. My class-buddy, she had been a housewife for years however when her husband fell ill she cared for him until he had passed. She had to transfere him, bath him - so forth. Her first job was in a Hospital. Use everything/anything you can for experience and a big plus is when you are continuing your education. Adult Day Care is a growing area. Good Luck!
  12. by   pagandeva2000
    You might also want to do volunteer work; those usually lead to positions. My hospital seems to always start CNAs and Medical Assistants as volunteers and then refers them to agencies that our hospital uses. Works out fine for them! Best wishes!
  13. by   KimberlyRN89
    I have been doing CNA work since my class has ended(caring for my sister in law, she just had a baby in March & has had needed a lot of help due to her incision opening up) but I haven't been using that as experience on my applications. Hindsight is 20/20 though Anyways like one person already mentioned, I'm definitely going to look into assisted living facilities for the mentally disabled. And volunteering too! I called one hospital but they said they only had clerical positions right now So I'll look into a couple of others.
  14. by   lilang
    Stay positive and keep looking. I am sure there is something out there for you!