CNA's want to share salary info?

  1. CNA's what state are you in and what salary? thanks
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  3. by   Angel@MyTable
    I live in Minnesota, and in 2005 when I last worked as a CNA, I was making $14.10 per hour. They were capping CNA wages at about that and I figured I was tired of breaking my back, so if they weren't going to pay me what I was worth (no raises) I needed to pursue a career in nursing! Not that you don't do hard work in nursing, but the pay is significantly better.

    I graduate May 2010 and will be taking my NCLEX sometime in June!
  4. by   NP Sam
    I live in FL and I make 13.25, but I'm PRN. Full-time people on 3-11pm make 10.55/hr.
  5. by   kimmy436
    Wow,congrats to you!!!1
  6. by   Bug Out
    I was a CNA in AZ about a year ago.

    Acute care I was making a base of 12hr, + my 20% night diff was 14.40, plus the 10% weekend diff it was 15.60
  7. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I make almost $14 per hour base shift. You add .75 per hour for evenings, $1.25 for nights and $2.00 per hour for weekends and double time for anything over 8 hours in a day. I am PRN but I usually work evenings or overnights on the weekend ($16 - 17/hour) and I usually try to work 12 or 16 hour shifts so its (>$30/hour after 8 hours). I work as a CNA (we call them Techs.) in a Children's Emergency Department in RI.

  8. by   rosey2007cna
    I had to waive my insurance to get $10.86 an hour. If I did not do that I would make $9.70 working the day shift. I live in Washington State
  9. by   eveningsky339
    Whoa, I wish that CNA's here in Maine made as much as you guys!

    Starting pay is 8.50/hr, and with all the wage freezes, it won't be getting any higher until the economy improves. If you start out washing dishes in the kitchen, you make 10.50/hr.
  10. by   missmonkey
    Doing my job search in Southern California. Most employers are coy about posting pay and I don't know any working CNAs. However, I searched job listings for County of Los Angeles. If you have a year of experience in a LTC facility or in acute care, a position in a rehab hospital is about $14/hour.
  11. by   GCTMT
    Kentucky CNA here. Full-time night shift @ an LTC since July of 2009, making $10/hr.

    The hospitals pay better.
  12. by   hawaiicna
    I work for a Home Health Care agency in Hawaii. I make $12.35 per hour and $13.05 per hour, after 4 pm. Not too bad caring for one person.
  13. by   sakura_k
    I happened to luck upon the type of job I never dared dream about when I got my CNA - I work in a hospital in WA, making about $15/hour, M-F day shift.

    I will say that this is brutal when you're trying to go to school at the same time...(so there IS a trade-off...)
  14. by   Poi Dog