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  1. hi got fired for copying off student's quiz during cna class. My application said "reason for leaving" and I put "terminated for copying off student's quiz and I apologize and I hope it won't effect chance of employment" yes, I apologize on my application. You think I'll get called for an interview?
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    No. Why would they call you to interview if they know you're a cheater?
  4. by   Skowonski101
    I said I was sorry...
  5. by   hookyarnandblanket
    As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. You've shown, despite your apology, that you are a liability.
  6. by   Skowonski101
    Ok so that's a no from two people. Anyone else?
  7. by   Alisonisayoshi
    Nope, wouldn't call back a cheater.
  8. by   Jensmom7
    I know it's tough when you get into the grownup world and discover that "I'm sorry" doesn't always make things all better.

    Making it unanimous. Nope. Too many applicants who haven't cheated (I know, some may just not have been caught) to settle for someone who admits it on their application.
  9. by   SoberGirl
    Doubt you'll get called for an interview. And saying you're sorry - my guess is you're sorry you were caught. At least that's how I'd interpret it
  10. by   BBboy
    I'm confused you got fired for copying off a students quiz while in class for your CNA license? Does that mean you didn't have your license and were kicked out of the program and you still attempted to apply for a job elsewhere? Aside from that, finding a job as a CNA after getting fired is pretty tough. You'd think even SNF would take Joe Schmo off the street, but unfortunately they want people with a little bit of integrity (not to be rude but cheating is already a negative, getting caught is even worse). This is something I wouldnt condone at all but if you do get an oppurtunity to work elsewhere you should maybe keep that prior part out. Don't judge those that are reading this, but that's the only way I can ever see you gaining employment in this field, no one wants to hire a cheater. Of course if you really did some bad things then you'd have to list it and what not, but like I said, I don't condone my suggestion that's just the only way I could see you ever gaining employment. Keep in mind during the application process they will call your references (more often than not) and that one bad reference or experience listed on your resume could deter any potential work
  11. by   Sundance327
    I would think that they likely would not call you back for an interview. See it from their point of view, why would they hire someone for a healthcare job when the person felt the need to cheat in order to succeed in it? Although you apologized, they may be too afraid to hire someone who doesn't/didn't fully know how to do their job.
  12. by   Missingyou
    I'm going to say it is possible they WILL call you for an interview....If they are desperate for a CNA's. I don't mean to be negative but, your chances are better at the lesser quality places where they are desperate for help and in positions that are difficult to fill such as per diem or on call.

    You may have to start with those types of positions for a few months to redeem yourself.

    Consider volunteering at, say, a senior center one day a week for a few hours, then you will be able to put that on your resume/application and it will give you professional references that can speak positively for you and your work ethic.