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  1. by   Noel C.
    Hey all! I just wanted to post and report that I took and passed the CNA exam this past Monday. I really appreciate the encouragement that I received from all of the people here.

  2. by   need714
    Quote from noel c.
    hey all! i just wanted to post and report that i took and passed the cna exam this past monday. i really appreciate the encouragement that i received from all of the people here.

    congratulations!!!!! good luck on your future plans!
  3. by   coltsgrl
    <<<<this is me doin' the HAPPY DANCE! I officially have letters after my name......Misty CNA... hoping to get one of the hospital jobs I applied for.

    Congrats to everyone else before me, and those to come!!!!
  4. by   chesara
    The last few weeks have been stressful to say the least but today I took my exam and I PASSED!

    The class ended a couple of weeks ago but we had to wait for the state to send the examiner so I've been on pins and needles all this time worried that I'd forget what I learned. And my state has a 25 minute time limit on the skills portion so that had me worried too. But I actually finished with time to spare!

    I am beyond excited and can't wait to start applying for some jobs. Now if I can just got that acceptance letter to LPN school then I'll be really happy!

    Congrats to everyone who's passed! Give yourself a big pat on the back.
  5. by   DutchRN09
    I passed today. I did not take the class, I read a book a friend had, and finished 8 weeks of fundamentals. I was pretty excited...I e-mailed the local hospital to see if there are any job openings....
  6. by   kdwyer
    I passed my CNA exam today!! I was super nervous especially since I got the one skill I really didn't want. I start my job as a CNA Thurs!
  7. by   nasaodds
    I finally got my letter stating I passed on Friday. I had to retake my skilss because my nerves got the best of me on my vitals. Afte much practice I retook the skills and when I did the vitals the tester gave me a big smile and said well done. I am glad that part is over with.
  8. by   CTstudent
    I took my CNA state exam yesterday and passed!!!!
  9. by   SwtSangria
    YAHOOOOOO! I took my state cert. exam for CNA on 5/23! I passed with flying colors! Also I added my name to the RN waitlist! WHAT A PRODUCTIVE YEAR so far! =)
  10. by   FutureNurse23
    I passed my exam Friday May 27th 08 now I'm on the state registry. Hoping to find my first job as a CNA gain some experience in a nursing home or LTC then go work at the VA hospital. I plan to work as a CNA to obtain my goals as a RN. I wish to recieve my BSN and then work as a travel nurse and in Med/Surg maybe even flight nursing.
  11. by   FabulousGirl
    Yay! I passed my exam a few weeks ago and I've narrowed down my interviews to two places! I'll be a CNA within a week or so!

    So excited!!!
  12. by   gonzo1224
    I passed on 5/16/2008! Yipee! Written test was easy (in the State of Illinois).
  13. by   usako3
    I passed !!!!!!! CNA exam today !!

    I 'm so happy right now and so sleepy....:zzzzz