CNA class starts next week!!


hi all!!

I'm going to be starting my CNA classes next Monday! I'm super excited about it too!!!

I know it's "just a CNA class" and it's "not THAT demanding or challenging", as some like to put it, but it's a HUGE step for me because I've been talking about becoming a nurse my entire life and have never done anything about it :icon_roll . This is my first step towards it; I'll be starting LPN class in September!! So I have a busy year ahead of me but I'm just very excited about my CNA classes :yeah:

So does anyone have any advice and/or stories they'd like to share about their experince in CNA class? Anything I should expect or be prepared for? I have no friends in nursing to share things with :o so any imput is immensely appreciated :D

priscila :heartbeat

Hi Priscila,

Congratulations on taking that first step! I too finally took that step and just this past Saturday took the State Test and PASSED :) All I can tell you is don't get yourself worked up over the State Test --- Just study your states booklet and as soon as you are able, take the test and get it over with....the hardest part is the anticipation of what skills they are going to give you on your test. I also am going for my RN -- this Summer I have four pre-req's to get out of the way.....Math, English, Sociology and Psychology.....One step at a time, right? LOL

Good Luck :roll


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Hi Priscila,

I just started my first CNA class last Monday! Everyday is something new and I'm learning so much. I just wanted to wish you all the good luck when you start next week!! :coollook:

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No its not "just a CNA course" , it can be challenging for others. I completed my CNA in 2006 and I had a wonderful experience. Good luck.


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Good Luck to you girlie and congratulations. I'm a new cna too. I loved my class it was only two weeks but we were together for 9 hours a day so we became really close. I still email my instructor every now and then. You're on ur way!


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Good luck! I start mine June 1st.

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Hi Priscila,

I just finished my class last week and took my state exam this past Tuesday. I haven't even started working yet.

I've been out of school for a while so going back was probably a little harder than someone who is fresh out of high school. I made decent grades in school so I figured I'd be ok, and I was. The class isn't exactly easy but it isn't hard either. What the problem is that there is so much to learn in a short amount of time. For example, my class was 4 weeks long (M-Th) with the last week being clinicals. The first week we went over 17 chapters, the next was about 8, and week three we did 22 chapters. Between all this we had to spend time in the skills lab to learn the hands on things A lot of it is common sense though.

Good luck to you and congratulations on taking your first step! You have it in your heart to be a nurse so Im certain that you will be a great one. Study hard and cherish the time you spend in class. You will make some great friends and it will be over before you know it!



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Wow! I know exactly how you feel! I too am starting my CNA classes this summer, and start LPN school in the fall! I understand when you say its awesome just to take that first step towards a long dream...I dont start my CNA class til July so you should let me know how it goes for you! Good luck!!! :heartbeat

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To the OP, I know how you feel. The moment I graduated from college (with a degree in something other than nursing), I knew I should have chose nursing instead. Some years have passed. I've gotten married and had kids and like you, I'm taking the first step toward a career in healthcare. I'm happy for you!


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I start my class in a few weeks, and I completely see where you are coming from. I wanted to do this, but talked myself out of it because bills and life just got in the way, and I never thought I'd be able to pay for school, and still have a roof over my head.

But I am nervous, just because you don't know what it will be like, but I think that all passed once the class starts.

Good luck!


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thanks SOOOO much for all the well wishes!!! it really helps a lot to hear from other, more experienced people (especially the night before the first day of class!!) I'm not nervous, I think it's just the anticipation. It's like a baby learning how to walk...taking that first step towards the rest of your life :nurse:

my class is going to be three weeks long so I'll brace myself and expect a lot of info in a short period of time; thanks so much for the advice!!

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