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  1. sunsetbeach14

    Single moms in school

    Congratulations on going to Nursing School!!! I too am not a single Mom, but my husband works two jobs so I can go to school full-time.... I have three kids at home and one in college also....I find that going to the Library after classes and getting the homework out of the way before going home -- saves me alot of time and I can understand it alot better than with all the distractions you get at home.....I save the reading til 8:30 when the kids are in bed.... I also plan alot of crock-pot meals that I can prepare the night before and just plug-in in the morning, that way dinner is done when you get home! Good Luck -- you can do it! :)
  2. sunsetbeach14

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    I passed my State test on Saturday...the 25th...:w00t:I have to say the hardest part was the anticipation of what skills you are going to have to do....
  3. sunsetbeach14

    CNA class starts next week!!

    Hi Priscila, Congratulations on taking that first step! I too finally took that step and just this past Saturday took the State Test and PASSED :) All I can tell you is don't get yourself worked up over the State Test --- Just study your states booklet and as soon as you are able, take the test and get it over with....the hardest part is the anticipation of what skills they are going to give you on your test. I also am going for my RN -- this Summer I have four pre-req's to get out of the way.....Math, English, Sociology and Psychology.....One step at a time, right? LOL Good Luck :roll

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