Clinic/Doctor office Nurses. How did you get your job?

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What's your method?

Craiglist.Seriously that's how.

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faxed my resume to the office and called to follow up...then they asked me to come in that day

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Network, network, network.....and in hospital systems, they usually have hospital owned practices - continuously search their human resource sites for positions open. But beware, salaries are typically lower but you don't have to work those nights, weekends and holidays.

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Apply online.......

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I sent out my CV to several doctor's private rooms -whether they had advertised for a RN or not - and also went through nursing agencies.

I have an interview next Tuesday in a GPs (general practitioners) rooms for a possible RN training-type position. I am quite excited about it, though have had many hopes dashed lately with jobs, so am keeping the agency work line open for now.

Just apply for anything and everything, and say you are willing to be trained ina all aspects of their surgery/business. Some doctors will want to train you to work in their practice their way so this is a good selling line, I think.

But cold cavassing - sending our your CV everywhere even when no jobs are advertised - is a good way too.

Try to do extra study as well say in community care or practice nursing - that will look good too.

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My first clinic job was at a teaching hospital for the Family Practice Residency program, my next one was working for my FP husband:rolleyes: after our divorce I worked at a Kaiser Pediatric clinic in another town. The first and last jobs I found through the newspaper (it was before computers) and the 2nd one wellll....there was no choice...married to it;).

In today's world, I'd contact your doc and see if he/she's got any buddies looking, also the doc in the boxes pay more but are still considered "clinic" work. Like the others, I'd email/fax or direct deliver to any clinic facilities.

Clinic nursing is very different from bedside and some feel they are loosing skills by doing it, but I loved clinic nursing, if you get with a GP/FP/internist type doc and not a specialist, you will do lots of different things and Pt Ed and have the joy of knowing your pt's long term. With the specialists you will get to learn about that specialty and become an expert in that area. Remember as your docs office nurse you will be the spearhead POC for the patients health and it can be very challenging.

The big trick is to find a "good doc" one that respects his staff and is not a stinker. I have plenty of thoughts on that one but I'll leave it for another thread.


Looked online at all the local hospitals/clinics. I applied in person to the one I wanted the most.

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I will third the Craigslist :)

That's how I found mine

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