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  1. grateful2010

    how do you deal with a disrespectful aide?

    Not only is she rude, she is a an unsafe worker. Many times i have found the patient in compromising situations which I can not mention here. The agency turns a blind eye everytime. At this point I truly believe the agency does not care...
  2. At one of the homes I visit the aide is extremely disrespectful (cursing at me, slamming doors all while the patient is present) I have reported her behavoir to my agency and nothing has been done! How should I proceed with this?
  3. grateful2010

    Agency LTC or Staff LTC

    Thank you! In choosing a nursing home is it better to work for a large Nursing home or a small one? Since I have no experience working in a Nursing Home I really don't want a large patient load. (About 20 is good for me, No higher than that).
  4. grateful2010

    Agency LTC or Staff LTC

    Which is a better choice and why? I have no LTC experience.
  5. grateful2010

    I know I have no buisness being there, but I need the Money

    I have no intentions on being there much longer. My agency doesn't care about me nor my license, I have to care. Most likely this will be my last week working with these clients. I'm learning a lot but I know having been in home care for less than a year isn't enough to handle these situations. For myself and for my client I won't be retuning after this week. I already have a job this was just extra money, I realized I can do without it.
  6. grateful2010

    I know I have no buisness being there, but I need the Money

    Thank You both for your response.:) Keep the suggestions coming, I need all the advice I can get! Although I feel taking on these clients may be over my head (especially with limited experience) I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn. The medications they are on (a total of 30 combined) has definitely been a learning experience for me. I have studied the normals of all the vitals, so I won't have to call the doctor (which by the way wasn't my clients' primary doctor, he was a fill in..) Your post has boost my confidence. I will NOT allow a doctor to scream at me like that again. As a matter of fact I dismissed him and he kept on going on with his rant of never calling him for vitals within normal parameters. At that point I had no choice but to hang up on him..
  7. I'm an inexperienced nurse. My agency recently sent me on a case where I am taking vitals and arranging medications for a couple: The female has CHF along with other medical issues and her spouse has Parkinsons with a history of heart problems (coronary bypass surgery a few years back). Although I am there to ONLY take vitals and prepare their meds (as the agency would put it), as a nurse I know better-it's not that cut and dry. When I enter the clients home I am there to assess and implement. If something goes wrong, it's clearly on me. I've been reading up on all their meds and conditions since I have to be there weekly. I don't want my inexperience to cause harm to these patients. The other day I called the doctor because my clients' Blood pressure was 110/50 and he had an irregular heart beat. The doctor SCREAMED at me and said NEVER to call him again with a reading as such, because it's a normal BP.... I wanted to know if I should hold his next dose of BP meds (safety first) instead I got an earful.....oh well, that won't stop me from calling whenever I'm not sure about something, so, here's to you doc My question is, what advise can you give me to provide the best care for my patient?? I already brushed up on my CPR, and read the S/S to look for regarding there conditions. Anything else I should be doing (besides the obvious, leaving the case ). I'm in a bind. Help!
  8. grateful2010

    nyc rate for new rn(homecare)?

    $20 for an RN is on the low side. Homecare RN's should get paid about $25-$28 an hour. Your agency is probably getting paid $50 an hour to have you there and since it's a buisness you're getting what they feel is appropriate for you. At this point the money shouldn't be a concern as much as the experience. Yet, I wouldn't suggest you accept a case where you aren't properly-your patient and license is on the line, tread cautiously. Best of luck.
  9. grateful2010

    Thinking about leaving hospital nursing, need advice

    I think you should think this through before quitting. Unfortunately, you may deal with this type of behavoir wherever you go, whether big or small. Some people are just plain 'ole cruel and bitter. What matters most is how YOU are able to deal with the situation; you can't keep running. Your introverted personality may bring out insecurity in others, although it shouldn't it probably does. Those who aren't social are either perceived as "stuck up' or "strange". Neither may be true but a little small talk here and there (not necessarily about your personal life) will show that you are relateable/approachable.
  10. grateful2010

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

  11. grateful2010

    very interested in moving to NYC and have tons of questions

    I don't think you should move to NYC until you have at least 2 years of experience working as an RN in a hospital. Make sure to get a few reference letters to boot.
  12. grateful2010

    Coney Island Hospital ER interview next week.

    did you land the job??
  13. Take the job-get as much training as possible. Know emergency contact numbers, if possible get the number of the 24 hour nurse hotline (where a nurse is available to answer any questions you may have at any time during the day). Call the doctor WHENEVER you deem necessary. In the process Look for a job at a hospital. Most importantly pray ever day that you deliver the best care to your patient. Best of luck.
  14. grateful2010

    New Nurse: Agency LTC

    Orientation may be longer (if requested), which I'm definately opting for!
  15. grateful2010

    Agency jobs

    I say take the job! Ask a lot of questions and do the best you can....hopefully you get oriented to your job, at the minimal a few days to a couple of weeks. One thing they never tell you is that the one year requirement is usually exempt for the RIGHT candidate. If you show competency, passion, willingness to learn, optimism, great personality, along with who you know, I'm sure you will land a job in an acute care setting. If you're going to sit around waiting for that hospital job, you might be waiting for a loong time. In the meantime -get SOME form of experience every chance you get! Who knows you may end up liking agency work.