Classmates Using Test Banks

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 I try to comprehend what I'm reading. I'm not memorizing it. It's just impossible. I read my assigned readings and do practice test related to them. I have books from ATI and Saunders.

I've been alright in my tests. I don't have to worry too much.  

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When they don’t pass the NCLEX they will understand why test banks were not a good investment of time or money.

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On 10/28/2021 at 11:52 AM, londonflo said:

And the real cause was the faculty not writing their own questions.

Here's an unforgettable question I once wrote: (And I did this all on my own)

A 63 year old patient, who has a permanent trach is being discharged. 

What teaching should be included in his/her home plan?

(I cannot remember the other options including the right one except this one..)]

Cover the stoma with plastic wrap when showering. 

The majority picked this one. They explained they were thinking of covering IV sites with gloves/wrap when showering. Well. I realized that I had never effectively  taught for these students to internalize the stoma as the only airway. 

This made me laugh. However, it is a real mark of honor to you that you identified the problem as “I didn’t effectively teach them” rather than “All these kids are idiots.” Because let’s be real, they were showing pretty good critical thinking!  They knew they needed to plastic-wrap anything invasive. They just clearly didn’t know what a tracheostomy really WAS. What an adventure for you as a teacher!  


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On 10/27/2021 at 8:00 PM, Mr.Lollercoastr said:

The instructors at OP's school probably haven't gone through a test-writing workshop.

A true MSN that is devoted to nursing education will cover this with their  teaching content in an entry program. But since most nursing education programs hire anyone with an advanced degree (MSN in nursing education including, NPs)  to teach because anyone with an MSN is eligible for a professor role these goals may not be met.

... But to teach the following is necessary to be an effective teacher. 1) investigating the content, reviewing what would be the best  sections for the readers of their books to read  (They have paid $$$ for the book) USE IT ; 2) utilizing at least 3 resources for content, developing the educator's goals/lectures for the content, creating the oral/written content to be delivered, creating additional learning experiences and some project (class activities) to summarize the most important points. 

3) Students will love having an NP teach them but when the 'rubber hits the road' they will find out the nursing strategies they needed as a floor nurse to learn were not delivered. 

4) I have worked with the best MSN NPs who created engaging lectures, great classroom room activities .  Our students did very well on the unit exams, ATI exams and NCLEX.  These MSN NPs decided that teaching in a basic entry nursing program was for them and they STAYED, semester after semester.

5) On the other hand we had some MSN NP instructors just working to wait it out until they would get an NP job and it showed.


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On 10/27/2021 at 12:00 PM, NICU Guy said:

The basis of the publisher's test bank is they are designed to be quality questions.

This is an example of a basic knowledge and comprehension question that a textbook would provide.   "What information from the CNA would the RN respond to immediately with an insulin dependent patient " 

A) Accucheck 60

B ) Patient requests a menu  

C)  Patient reports diplopia

D) CNA saw poor wound healing on coccyx