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0.9%NormalSarah has 4 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Nurse Review

    Did you ever do the Ecco program? I thought it was pretty awesome, of course I did do that at the beginning of my career, so I'm sure I'd have a deeper understanding now. Also, the AACN has a lot of great continuing education courses, are you a membe...
  2. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Do you work with PA lines often? Are they really a thing of the past?

    Certainly this makes a lot of sense. I sometimes think about how I became a nurse at a time when we have all this crazy monitoring equipment and wonder if I'd be good enough if I had to do these things for myself manually. I learned about the basics ...
  3. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Bedside Safety Checks in the ICU

    Yes the things you mentioned for sure. I also check drips and follow all lines back to the source as well as make sure I have enough time on any drips and what rates they are running. I also make sure my vent tubing isn't in patient reach, check rest...
  4. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Do you work with PA lines often? Are they really a thing of the past?

    @MunoRN It never gets old reading your content. I truly appreciate your educational posts. This all makes sense, my facility uses manual thermodilution with PA catheters for open-heart patients. At my old hospital PA catheters were rare, mostly for P...
  5. I am an exceptionally impatient person. It causes me to drive my career forward and develop new skills as I keep looking for the next thing. It can also help me advocate for my patients because I’m not really willing to sit around all shift waiting f...
  6. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Bad Clinical Instructor

    You sound like you have a chip on your shoulder. Flick it off before politely going to discuss your concerns with your instructor. Nursing schools are run with stringent requirements from the licensing state, so yes the fact that you have a clinical ...
  7. 0.9%NormalSarah

    When answering the call... light, that is.

    Oh please let this thread blow up, I could use a smile from some cute patient stories! Here’s one that was pretty recent. Covid isolation patient in the ICU hit the button a couple of times and needed some fairly easy help around the bedside ta...
  8. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Have you ever given a ride to and from work for your colleagues?

    Wow @JKL33 you have incredible insight. I’ll agree, I’m generally a people-pleaser with low self-esteem who is still a bold and brash personality at heart, tossing in my unfortunate colloquialisms, shall we say, or other awkward statements or behavio...
  9. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Radonda Vaught Was A Guest On A Good Nurse / Bad Nurse Podcast

    We give paralytics to those who either already have an airway and mechanical vent support or in preparation of doing so. I’ve often given a push of paralytic to get a patient more compliant with the vent when they were adequately sedated but still as...
  10. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Moderate Sedation

    Physician and myself. I can put in an OPA if I need an airway which we always keep in the room, I can jaw thrust and call for someone to get me a reversal if we over sedate. We start low and go slow, the risk is low. I always have suction and O2 set ...
  11. I agree with commenters saying one should have to get a CNA before nursing school. My school required this and I think it was pretty valuable. At the very minimum nurses have to be able to learn basic care and how to act in the medical environment, a...
  12. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Peripheral Vasopressor Administration - Considering Catheter Gauge

    @Wuzzie yeah that is a good point, the sooner to catch the extravasation certainly the better. I personally have seen vasopressor extravasation in larger bore IVs, 18g and 20g and I do think it was caught fairly early due to the pain the patient felt...
  13. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Giving Report and IV Access

    Good discussion. I actually mentioned above I've taken this thread off-topic, so I decided to open a new discussion, and here is the link! As I state in the new topic, thanks to you who have questioned my statements as I've been able to get ou...
  14. A recent discussion here on Allnurses was initiated to discuss the importance of lack thereof of reporting off the size and location of peripheral IV access during change of shift report. In a response regarding catheter size and the request to get a...
  15. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Giving Report and IV Access

    Yes definitely, point taken. I agree that it’s not the nurse’s fault there’s not central access. I just made this comment originally to say that there were a couple scenarios where I’d ask if they had time to grab another IV that would be nice. I’m n...