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New grad RN starting in ICU ready to learn a lot from all you great nurses!

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  1. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Vaccination for clinical

    @ukgirl7655, do you really believe it should be your right to remain unvaccinated, potentially contract a preventable disease, and bring it to work where we are charged with caring for very sick and vulnerable people? I’m really not trying to sound nasty, but that is just something I can’t comprehend and i don’t understand why someone who opposes proven medical science would go into a profession where evidence is the cornerstone of our practice.
  2. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Moving California. Insight on pay scale etc?

    I live a little north of LA in a nice beach community and work for a hospital that is not unionized. I started at a little over $40 an hour as a new grad with an ADN. I know they do pay more up north but it’s also more expensive to live there. Yeah the traffic sucks but it’s a pretty nice place and I love it here. It is certainly expensive to live in my little town, but there are places just slightly inland by a few miles that are more affordable and you can still get to the beach in 20 minutes. I also moved here from the South several years back, it was a culture shock for sure but now I feel at home. Good luck with your choice!
  3. 0.9%NormalSarah

    My First Nursing Job!

    Thank you so much, Twinsmom!!
  4. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Yes Ma'am, I mean Yes sir

    To be fair, in making it easy for lecturers or anyone during conversations, choosing a gendered pronoun is not egregious. People get annoyed about this, but it’s not that she thinks every nurse is female, she just wants to be able to flow through her ideas easily as she teaches, and that means not stuttering through saying “his or her” every time. I used to read this wonderful workplace advice blog religiously and the writer would always refer to managers or anyone else as “she” when giving advice. Readers called her on it all the time, so she would gently explain that when someone who has written in for advice hasn’t specified the gender of the players in question, she refers to them as “she” because it’s easier for her to do so in writing and looks less clunky. I would agree, especially in conversation.
  5. 0.9%NormalSarah

    My First Nursing Job!

    Thank you Sassy! I will definitely take that advice!
  6. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Adjusting to NIGHT SHIFTS advice??

    I won’t bevstarting nights until I get through most of my critical care orientation and preceptorship, so it’s going to be like 4 or 5 months away.
  7. 0.9%NormalSarah

    safe staffing legislation

    Wow @Grrrse that is wild! I am very lucky for sure.
  8. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Had a horrible weekend...

    Just sending hugs your way. I am a new nurse and don’t have any nurse mistakes under my belt yet, but I made mistakes back when I worked in dialysis as a tech and it’s definitely embarrassing and scary, even when your patient didn’t suffer a poor outcome. I guess it’s just one of those things that you get over in time, it stings less but the lesson is always there in your mind. Sounds like your patient was ok, and I’m sure you won’t make that mistake again.
  9. 0.9%NormalSarah

    My First Nursing Job!

    I just really felt if I found the right new grad program where others had been successful before that I could do it, too. I did get hired into an awesome program! If it had been at a hospital that didntnorient new grads specifically I wouldn’t have taken it. I have heard mixed things. Some people love new grads in the ICU and some not so much. I think it really depends on the facility and support. You should go for it if you want to! I precepted in the ICU for my senior practicum so I felt pretty confident even though I am very anxious!
  10. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    There’s another thread on this. If you bypass many steps built in to the system to prevent such an error, the argument is that it at some point becomes more than simply negligent. Of course I’m sure she didn’t mean for the patient to die, but one must intentionally bypass so many safety steps to do what she did. Thats why my comment was that this may not be the best comparison because this one sounds like more of a systems issue, but no CMS report yet so it’s hard to know.
  11. 0.9%NormalSarah


    I would just try and get another position and be honest that it wasn’t a good fit, but you will probably have to really convince your next interviewers that you won’t get going when the going gets tough. I feel for you, but you need to get thicker skin, if only to stay somewhere long enough to get your base experience and give your future self more options. This is coming from someone who learned the job hopper lesson the hard way in my past life before nursing...and I had to grow thicker skin for sure. I know it’s too late and I am not trying to demean you in any way, but never leave a job without notice unless you’re in danger. You can stick it out anywhere for 2 weeks. I wish you luck and hope you can get into a place that is a better fit for you!!
  12. 0.9%NormalSarah

    starting psych nurse career in NYC

    Got it! Well good luck to you, if you know for sure you want psych I’m sure you’ll get in somewhere. The places around me are always hiring nurses, can never find enough people who are truly passionate about the specialty.
  13. 0.9%NormalSarah

    New grad trying to choose between mother-baby and ICU

    @lexxa25 what did you end up choosing? Have you started yet?
  14. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Feeling incompetent as a student nurse...

    Wow, how many of those days did I have as a student? A lot! Nursing school is about learning how to be a nurse. If you already knew how, you wouldn’t need school! Try speaking up and participating a little more during class and make sure you carry a note pad or whatever you need to write down reminders and keep yourself on track. Wake up each day with the commitment to learn something and apply small changes to improve. Keep your head up, if you are conscientious and kind, you will be fine. Keep working hard, this will be so worth it when you are done!
  15. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Just got a job offer!

    Wow that sounds like a really great training program! Yes this is my first nursing job, I was so over the moon for landing my first choice job at a teaching hospital. Well good luck to you, too! I’ll look forward to “seeing” you around AN in the critical care discussions!
  16. 0.9%NormalSarah

    Please tell me what to do

    I started to reply and then it hit me - are you a nurse? Or did you just come to this forum to ask about this since you assume this lady is a nurse? It is unfortunately not a typical forum to ask how to deal with an issue in your apartment building. If you are asking if this is normal behavior for a nurse, I guess I couldn’t really tell you because I’m not sure why she has visitors. I wouldn’t be concerned as long as they aren’t making tons of noise or obviously acting in a dangerous way.